Rose Farnon
Future Plans [Holland]
Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:02

So far the school year was going well. Rose was really appreciating the one-on-one lessons that the seventh years got with Professor McKindy, because it was letting her look more into the theory behind spell development and that was really cool. Professor McKindy had loaned her a book on Ancient Babylonian, which she was making her way through, and after that she was going to learn some more about Ancient Greek and Latin. But right now at this very moment in time, Rose was going to work on her college applications. She had finally decided on a list of schools: Harvard, of course, and Yale - and the University of Chicago. Then Duke, Amherst, New York University, and the University of Michigan. She had gone back and forth considering CalTech but had ultimately decided not to apply - her grades were good, but she didn’t think she had enough research experience to get in. Obviously her top choice was Harvard, but after Mr. Tennant had talked to her about her plans to only apply to Ivies, Rose’s focus had changed. Mr. Tennant had suggested that she look more into how individual programs fit her goals, and it had helped clarify some things for her. NYU or UChicago were probably her second-choice schools, but they were a long way away from Harvard. Duke was her last choice; Rose was only really applying because there was a school Marissa could probably get into nearby.

The individual essays for the schools had been easy. Rose was very willing to write about her research goals and how she would fit in to the programs. She wrote a lot about her experience learning how to be an Animagus - that was extremely unusual and would make her stand out. After considering the pros and cons, Rose had also decided it would be appropriate to write about her mother’s death and how she had stepped up to be the big sister her little brothers needed.

She had left out the bits where she threatened them with imminent death and/or dismemberment.

But now it was time to write a personal statement - that was pretty universal for all the schools, although the length requirements differed slightly - and Rose was struggling. In fact, she was staring at a blank page of her notebook with a quill next to her and waiting for inspiration to come, thus far without any success. She fiddled with the netting on her long sleeves, then pulled her shirt down a little bit. In Rose’s personal opinion, her outfit was cute but it was not the kind of outfit that had been made for sitting around in a library. Which, considering how much sitting around in a library Rose did, was a little impractical.

Rose was thankful when Holland suddenly appeared across the table from her, asking if they could join her.

“Absolutely,” she responded. “This personal statement is killing me.”

    • The best-laid plans - Holland Keene, Sat Feb 17 14:33
      From their college road trip, Holland had picked Brown (good technomancy work-study program) and Dartmouth (experimental charms, slightly less of a reach) to apply to. Then there was University of... more
      • Well that's ominous - Rose, Sat Feb 17 15:32
        “And how,” Rose said, leaning all the way back in her chair for a moment. “I just don’t have a good angle for writing about myself. I’ve already said what I want to say in the individual ones.” The... more
        • Omens usually are - Holland, Sun Feb 18 02:35
          “I’m still applying to all the programs I was planning on before,” Holland said, to clarify that they hadn’t completely changed their mind. They were still interested in charm development and... more
          • Here's to a good omen - Rose, Wed Feb 21 18:58
            So Holland hadn’t completely changed their mind about their coursework, which made Rose feel a little bit better. She wasn’t sure why she’d been momentarily stressed out by the idea of Holland... more
            • A good omen is hard to find - Holland, Sat Feb 24 12:33
              “ I hadn’t thought of that, ” Rose said speculatively. A quiet concern took root. Rose had a more impressive transcript, and curse-breaking programs were small. Holland didn’t want to have to compete ... more
              • So's Waldo - Rose, Sat Mar 10 11:14
                “Oh congratulations!” Rose said when Holland mentioned that they’d completed Animagus. Rose and Danny had both accomplished their Animagus forms on the same day at the end of last year, and Rose had... more
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