Well that's ominous
Sat Feb 17, 2018 15:32

“And how,” Rose said, leaning all the way back in her chair for a moment. “I just don’t have a good angle for writing about myself. I’ve already said what I want to say in the individual ones.” The individual programs all wanted examples of how the applicant was a leader, or how they had overcome difficulties to succeed - things along that line. And Rose would be the first to admit that coming from a wealthy family had meant that she didn’t have much to overcome. Harvard probably got loads of applications from people talking about their deceased or ill parent and how they had become a replacement parent for their siblings.Plus there were people like Holland applying. Rose had never really had quite a good grip on Holland’s gender situation, but she did know that anyone that could improve the diversity factor had another leg up.

Not that Holland needed it. Their grades were almost as good as Rose’s, although they had opted to take about a million classes instead of beef up their resume with extracurriculars like Rose had. But Rose was pretty sure that Holland wasn’t applying to Harvard, so she didn’t have to worry about going up against them. Well, there were probably universities that they were both applying to, but Rose really didn’t care about competition outside of Harvard. She’d either get in or she wouldn’t, but it wouldn’t matter a whole lot because if she didn’t get into Harvard, her decision would be entirely influenced by Marissa’s.

If she did - well, that was a problem she would deal with later.

Leaning forward, playing with the quill in front of her on the table, Rose examined Holland. They were fantastically dressed, as always, with the weird girly-masculine thing they seemed to favour. It worked for Holland, but Rose was pretty sure it wouldn’t work for anyone else, ever. Holland was unique like that.

“Cursebreaking? That sounds really cool,” Rose said, twirling the quill around her fingers. “I thought you were just going for the stuff with technomancy and experimental charms. What made you change your mind?”

  • The best-laid plans - Holland Keene, Sat Feb 17 14:33
    From their college road trip, Holland had picked Brown (good technomancy work-study program) and Dartmouth (experimental charms, slightly less of a reach) to apply to. Then there was University of... more
    • Well that's ominous - Rose, Sat Feb 17 15:32
      • Omens usually are - Holland, Sun Feb 18 02:35
        “I’m still applying to all the programs I was planning on before,” Holland said, to clarify that they hadn’t completely changed their mind. They were still interested in charm development and... more
        • Here's to a good omen - Rose, Wed Feb 21 18:58
          So Holland hadn’t completely changed their mind about their coursework, which made Rose feel a little bit better. She wasn’t sure why she’d been momentarily stressed out by the idea of Holland... more
          • A good omen is hard to find - Holland, Sat Feb 24 12:33
            “ I hadn’t thought of that, ” Rose said speculatively. A quiet concern took root. Rose had a more impressive transcript, and curse-breaking programs were small. Holland didn’t want to have to compete ... more
            • So's Waldo - Rose, Sat Mar 10 11:14
              “Oh congratulations!” Rose said when Holland mentioned that they’d completed Animagus. Rose and Danny had both accomplished their Animagus forms on the same day at the end of last year, and Rose had... more
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