Omens usually are
Sun Feb 18, 2018 02:35

“I’m still applying to all the programs I was planning on before,” Holland said, to clarify that they hadn’t completely changed their mind. They were still interested in charm development and technomancy; they’d just realized they also wanted to dabble in other areas. “But I think I want to keep studying the subjects I’m taking besides Spellwork and Magical Sciences. Curse-breaking involves pretty much all of them, and it’s a really cool field.”

Especially since it wasn’t all appropriative grave-robbing these days. Of course, Holland still wasn’t sure what they would actually want to do as a curse breaker. Fieldwork sounded exciting, although many of the countries which commonly hosted archaeological digs weren’t places Holland felt would be particularly safe for them to go. There were still a variety of options domestically; research was appealing, and so were some of the investigatory careers. Museum work was available too, although Holland was less interested in being a curator. A curse-breaking degree was apparently a decent starting point for a lot of things. And when they’d looked at the program requirements and seen essentially a list of their classes (it would have been useful to have taken Cultural Studies at the IMP level, but History of Magic counted too) it had felt like a good move.

The stress about being in a school that wasn’t RMI was still there no matter what college they were applying to. All of their school choices were in liberal-ish cities in the north, and that helped, but only a little. Part of what made RMI safe was knowing how the staff handled certain things. RMI’s leadership had been nothing but appropriate and respectful so far, but Holland wasn’t naive enough to think that every school would be equally progressive. They already planned on asking about queer resources when they went on admitted students tours, but that could only prepare them so much.

It wasn’t the kind of thing they thought Rose would understand, though, so Holland returned their attention to her problem. She probably didn’t have much to worry about. Rose’s resume was awesome, what with Quidditch, Dueling Club, and her job on Pearl Street, plus perfect grades. Her being an international student probably helped too, even if she was from an English-speaking country, and she had finished her Animagus transformation. Holland’s grades weren’t quite as good, but they were taking almost twice as many classes and they still made all E’s and O’s, in addition to participating in the Drama Club and on the Lyra Quidditch team. They still weren’t an Animagus, but they were so close to being done. It would happen before midterm, Holland was sure.

“All you need to do with the personal statement is prove that you’re interesting and you can write well. And probably also say something about why that means their school is right for you.” Holland shrugged. It felt easy to them, but they had a built-in topic. “So… what’s important to you that you like to talk about? That’s where you should start.”

  • Well that's ominous - Rose, Sat Feb 17 15:32
    “And how,” Rose said, leaning all the way back in her chair for a moment. “I just don’t have a good angle for writing about myself. I’ve already said what I want to say in the individual ones.” The... more
    • Omens usually are - Holland, Sun Feb 18 02:35
      • Here's to a good omen - Rose, Wed Feb 21 18:58
        So Holland hadn’t completely changed their mind about their coursework, which made Rose feel a little bit better. She wasn’t sure why she’d been momentarily stressed out by the idea of Holland... more
        • A good omen is hard to find - Holland, Sat Feb 24 12:33
          “ I hadn’t thought of that, ” Rose said speculatively. A quiet concern took root. Rose had a more impressive transcript, and curse-breaking programs were small. Holland didn’t want to have to compete ... more
          • So's Waldo - Rose, Sat Mar 10 11:14
            “Oh congratulations!” Rose said when Holland mentioned that they’d completed Animagus. Rose and Danny had both accomplished their Animagus forms on the same day at the end of last year, and Rose had... more
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