Here's to a good omen
Wed Feb 21, 2018 18:58

So Holland hadn’t completely changed their mind about their coursework, which made Rose feel a little bit better. She wasn’t sure why she’d been momentarily stressed out by the idea of Holland pursuing something different. Maybe it was because Holland was her only friend that really shared her interests in charms - they were more interested in technomancy than Rose was, probably by nature of growing up with technology, but they still had an interest in the nitty-gritty aspects of spellwork that seemed to escape everyone else in the friendgroup. What little bonding Rose and Holland had done over the years had been through their shared interest in experimental charms.

“I hadn’t thought of that,” Rose replied, still playing with the quill. She also liked Arithmancy and Runes, even if she’d had a year less Runes experience than everyone else. Maybe Cursebreaking was something to look into. It certainly seemed a little more practical than theoretical charms, which was her current goal. A career in theoretical charms essentially meant a career in academia. Maybe if she didn’t get into Harvard she could go into a Cursebreaking program. Not getting into Harvard was something that Rose didn’t particularly want to think about, but it was smart to think about alternatives and plan ahead.

Her classmate brought the topic back around to Rose’s essay, though, so she didn’t have too much time to dwell on the question of her getting into Harvard or not.

“Well spellwork, obviously,” Rose said. “But I’ve already gone on about that in my other essays. I’ve already got the bits about how I’d fit in at the universities, I think,” some of them being more genuine than others; Rose was positive that the people at Duke admissions would see right through her essay. “I’ve not got much else to say, really. I do coursework, I do Quidditch, I duel.” the seventh-year was almost positive that her interest in hexing the living daylights out of Ruben was not material appropriate for an essay that was to go to a university, even if it had resulted in some of her more creative uses of spellwork. She almost asked Holland what they had written about, but Rose was pretty sure that the gender stuff would be it. “I suppose I’m enjoying Professor McKindy’s lessons this year quite a bit. Are you doing technomancy in yours?”

  • Omens usually are - Holland, Sun Feb 18 02:35
    “I’m still applying to all the programs I was planning on before,” Holland said, to clarify that they hadn’t completely changed their mind. They were still interested in charm development and... more
    • Here's to a good omen - Rose, Wed Feb 21 18:58
      • A good omen is hard to find - Holland, Sat Feb 24 12:33
        “ I hadn’t thought of that, ” Rose said speculatively. A quiet concern took root. Rose had a more impressive transcript, and curse-breaking programs were small. Holland didn’t want to have to compete ... more
        • So's Waldo - Rose, Sat Mar 10 11:14
          “Oh congratulations!” Rose said when Holland mentioned that they’d completed Animagus. Rose and Danny had both accomplished their Animagus forms on the same day at the end of last year, and Rose had... more
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