A good omen is hard to find
Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:33

I hadn’t thought of that,” Rose said speculatively. A quiet concern took root. Rose had a more impressive transcript, and curse-breaking programs were small. Holland didn’t want to have to compete with her for positions.

They left the topic soon, though, so Holland put that worry aside. “Up until last week I was mostly using the time to finish Animagus.” Holland had managed their first complete transformation last week, in Professor McKindy’s office with a large tank of saltwater. It was a weird experience. Holland had always been very attuned to the relationship between their body and their sense of self; being in their Animagus form for the first time had felt like a mild, sideways type of dysphoria, but it also felt strangely comfortable when they got over the dissolving-bones part. “Took me longer than you and Danny. We can’t all have forms with skeletons, lungs, and reasonable amounts of hearts and limbs,” Holland joked, although anatomy and physiology probably weren’t the only reasons they’d been slower. Rose was scary good at Spellwork, and Danny was good at most classes seemingly without effort.

“But now I need to find a new project.” They didn’t think that would be an issue. Holland had never had a shortage of ideas for things they wanted to work on. At home they were always coming up with new product ideas for Spell, Look, & Candle. They kept a running list of ideas while they were at school too; currently on the docket were a body scrub with glitter that didn’t get everywhere, solid perfumes (that would be a completely new product for them so Holland wasn’t rushing to throw complex magic in too), and a dry shampoo that actually made you feel like you’d used real shampoo.

Growing up halfblooded, in a household that mixed Muggle appliances with magic, Holland also had a lot of ideas for Spellwork projects. Enchanting domestic appliances to be compatible with both magic and electricity was useful, but not exciting. There was a wizarding cell phone equivalent—lighters that worked like portable Floo, through which you could only send your voice—but no smartphone equivalent. Holland wasn’t keen on the idea of programming, so they didn’t see themself developing wizarding apps in the future, but they had been thinking about options in that realm.

Wizards didn’t seem to have an internet, which was consistent with the wizarding government preventing geographically distant communities from communicating by whatever means possible, such as insisting on the owl as a means of delivering information or opposing mass commercial transit like airplanes. This was obviously because of outdated notions of wizarding elitism over Muggles, but it suited Holland. “It’ll probably be technomancy. I’ve been thinking about ways to augment Muggle security systems with magic.” If the wizarding government refused to acknowledge or understand electronics, there was an opportunity to use it subversively.

“What are you working on?” Rose had finished Animagus work in the spring, so she’d had loads of time to start on other projects. And, again, she was incredible at Spellwork. “Anything you could dazzle an admissions committee with?”

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    • A good omen is hard to find - Holland, Sat Feb 24 12:33
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