Remington Burnham
Hitting the books
Sat Feb 24, 2018 22:20

Remington initially came to the library to work on something for her actual classes. She already had all of her assignments done, though, and it was a Saturday. Nothing new had come up. There had to be big projects coming up, of course. It was almost midterm! She didn’t have the sight or whatever, though, so there was no way she was going to try and predict that.

What she could do was look for a translating spell.

A couple weeks ago, Ruben had made it over to their friend group’s hangout. She loved everything he had to say. They’d gotten to do physical tests, which she thought she managed pretty well. Remington wouldn’t call herself impressive, because nothing seemed like it would impress the older Swede ever, but she’d taken those classes over the summer. She knew how to make a proper fist without Ruben’s help, and she could balance pretty well on the balance beam thing he conjured up for them. She didn’t have much strength to speak of, but she was pretty creative to make up for it. Dad said she was scrappy.

There were a couple of new jinxes that were pretty cool, but Remington was most excited for the book he’d lent her. It was in Norwegian, and he didn’t have time to translate, so… translation spell!

Her initial instinct was to head to the Charms section of the library. Thankfully, she found a couple of books that had potential. This was one of those times that the half-blood really felt a wizarding version of Google would be useful. Was there a spell for that? Remington grabbed a third book that possibly held the answer to that, and that led her to carry a tower of books in her arms to the nearest table. She set them down with a louder than intended thunk! and arranged them into three piles: possible translation spells, possible Google spells, and the books that fit in the middle of that venn diagram.

She’d gotten comfy in the really big chair she’d commandeered to go with the table. Hopefully their librarian would forgive her for moving furniture around as long as she moved it back later. Her pink sweater with cat ears and whiskers on the front was snuggly, and her jeans were surprisingly comfortable even though they were a little tighter than she was used to. She thought it was because she’d maybe gained weight, but she looked at the tag that morning. Apparently she’d gone down a size. Her hair was slightly out of her face, thanks to her favorite cat bow that wrapped its tail around her curls.

Remington heard someone quietly say her name and she looked up, blinking brown eyes at who it was. “Huh?”

    • Careful, some might hit back - Andrew Tennant, Sat Feb 24 23:24
      Andrew Tennant holding a giant old book was not a common sight. Drew was most likely to be seen holding his guitar, or maybe the CD player his dad had enchanted for him, or possibly his wand if he... more
      • It's okay. I can take care of myself. - Remington, Fri Mar 2 19:03
        “I found this book I wanted to show you.” That was one of her favorite sentences from one of her favorite people. She also enjoyed sentences that had to do with new spells, Bruno Mars, cats... more
        • I won’t argue with that - Drew, Tue Mar 6 00:56
          “ Yes, show me! ” Drew grinned. He knew Remington would say that. She was the most Draco-y Draco he had ever met. She just loved learning, like, so much. He angled the book so she could see it better ... more
          • Good, we know I'm right! - Remington, Tue Mar 13 18:50
            “Yeah, we should definitely make a note of them to come back to,” Remington agreed with a small nod of her head. Her curls bounced as she moved, and the cat tail on her bow flicked in annoyance. “I... more
            • Three rights make a left - Drew, Sat Mar 24 22:37
              Drew agreed with Remington about waiting to try the spells, even though they sounded really cool and he totally wanted to learn how to cast them. It’d be different if Ruben wasn’t graduating at the... more
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