Andrew Tennant
Careful, some might hit back
Sat Feb 24, 2018 23:24

Andrew Tennant holding a giant old book was not a common sight. Drew was most likely to be seen holding his guitar, or maybe the CD player his dad had enchanted for him, or possibly his wand if he was in class or in their duelling group. But today he had a giant old book full of spells that were kind of… well… they weren’t spells that he thought Aunt Cindra would ever cover in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Drew didn’t think they necessarily counted as Dark spells, but some of them weren’t spells he would want put on him.

With Ruben being their sponsor, the group was doing more physical fighting than before. Drew had less practice with that than with spellcasting, so it was cool to learn. Some of the stuff seemed kind of like a waste of time, but Drew knew better than to let Ruben know he thought so. And it probably wasn’t going to be a waste of time, because Ruben knew what he was doing. He’d already taught them a really awesome hex and Drew couldn’t wait to do more.

In fact, he couldn’t wait so much that he had actually gone to the library and found a book on his own. He didn’t want to check The Malevolent Manual (3rd ed.) out of the library because then his dad might find out that he had checked it out (Drew wasn’t totally sure how RMI’s library kept track of things, but you could never be too careful when your entire family worked in your school) and be concerned. Drew didn’t want Dad to be concerned about Drew visiting the sketchy magic section of the library. So he got the book from the shelf and went to look for a place in the library to sit and read more of it.

He had planned on sitting by himself, but then Drew spotted Remington surrounded by a little book fortress. Perfect. “Hey, Remington,” Drew said, quietly, because they were in the library and he didn’t want to bother anyone else or get on Madame Toladaeri’s bad side. He pulled a chair up to her table, careful not to disturb her piles. Knowing Remington, she had organized them that way for a reason. “I found this book I wanted to show you.”

He opened it to a chapter on a mental spells that he thought could be hit-or-miss on usefulness in dueling. The Hanging Mirror Jinx turned the victim’s vision upside-down and backwards, and Drew could definitely see the benefit of disorienting an enemy like that. It’d be hard for them to aim to cast back. But then there were things like the Waking Nightmare Hex, which sounded metal as heck and was supposed to make you feel like the worst possible thing—whatever you imagined that to be—had happened to you. He filed it in the same category as the hex that made you relive your most embarrassing moment. It would be scary, but Drew didn’t know if that would be worth casting in a duel unless you knew it would really unbalance your opponent. “Cool, right? Do you think we could do any of these yet?”

  • Hitting the books - Remington Burnham, Sat Feb 24 22:20
    Remington initially came to the library to work on something for her actual classes. She already had all of her assignments done, though, and it was a Saturday. Nothing new had come up. There had to... more
    • Careful, some might hit back - Andrew Tennant, Sat Feb 24 23:24
      • It's okay. I can take care of myself. - Remington, Fri Mar 2 19:03
        “I found this book I wanted to show you.” That was one of her favorite sentences from one of her favorite people. She also enjoyed sentences that had to do with new spells, Bruno Mars, cats... more
        • I won’t argue with that - Drew, Tue Mar 6 00:56
          “ Yes, show me! ” Drew grinned. He knew Remington would say that. She was the most Draco-y Draco he had ever met. She just loved learning, like, so much. He angled the book so she could see it better ... more
          • Good, we know I'm right! - Remington, Tue Mar 13 18:50
            “Yeah, we should definitely make a note of them to come back to,” Remington agreed with a small nod of her head. Her curls bounced as she moved, and the cat tail on her bow flicked in annoyance. “I... more
            • Three rights make a left - Drew, Sat Mar 24 22:37
              Drew agreed with Remington about waiting to try the spells, even though they sounded really cool and he totally wanted to learn how to cast them. It’d be different if Ruben wasn’t graduating at the... more
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