Leopold Harris
Make way for a regular
Wed Jan 18, 2017 17:18

Leopold avoided libraries. It was his experience that not only did he not like them libraries didn’t like him much either.

It was almost like they sensed he was a slacker the moment he walked in. Librarians never failed to glare at him accusingly as though his only intention was to make off with a stash of books to use as fodder for a bonfire. The books themselves seemed to be in on the conspiracy with the ones he wanted constantly escaping him. Yes, libraries were stressful places and Leo didn’t see the point in putting yourself in a stressful situation so as a rule avoided libraries. The library at RMI was no different.

However, today Leopold was stepping out of his comfort zone and ducked inside the RMI library with a particular mission on his mind. Predictably, Leo had allowed himself to get caught up with Quidditch, amongst other activates more appealing than his studies, and so he was more than a little behind. One particular assignment which had gone undone was causing him worry. So it was without much shame that he found himself hoping to stumble across one of his year mates amongst the all dust and books.

Wyatt Munro was not the sort of person Leo loved to hang out with. If Leo was perfectly honest he’d say the other third year was a bit too serious about schoolwork and being around him too often made Leo feel inadequate. It didn’t help that he suspected Wyatt probably didn’t think too highly of him anyway. But Wyatt was someone Leo could appreciate because he was clever and not too uptight not to exploit this cleverness. Which had worked out pretty well for Leo and him in the past. Leo had been making use of Wyatt’s little business for a while and commended the other boy for providing such a valuable service for the school community. So naturally when he saw the date drawing closer for the potions assignment, Wyatt Munro’s face had come to him and the solution was clear.
He soon found Wyatt scribbling away on parchment and pulled up a chair opposite him, quickly answering the boys greeting with one of his own, “Yeah, you ever thought about being in a band?”

Leo started tapping a beat out on the desk with his knuckles before dramatically hitting an invisible cymbal, “psscht! Hmm, no I don’t think I’m cut out for a drummer. No one remembers the drummer, hey- the drums would be perfect for you!”

He flashed Munro a grin to let him know he was teasing and finally settled into a more sombre expression.
“Alright,” he then proceeded to say whilst tipping the chair onto its hind legs, “onto the serious stuff. So you know that potions assignment…I haven’t done it and could use a little- alright- a lot of help. What do you say?”

  • Opened for business - Wyatt, Sun Jan 15 10:10
    Wyatt Munro was what his brother christened a nerd, but Wyatt knew he was just more practical about life than Frankie. Frankie wanted to live in this imaginary world where Quidditch was a valid... more
    • Make way for a regular - Leopold Harris, Wed Jan 18 17:18
      • One of my best customers! - Wyatt, Sat Jan 21 08:41
        Wyatt blinked when Leo asked if he had even thought about being in a band before tapping out a beat on the desk. The boy continued and talked about how he wasn’t cut out for a drummer, and no one... more
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