Katherine & Darby Kendrick
A follow-up from last year... [Kyle]
Tue Feb 27, 2018 13:22

So far it was a pretty good year. Kit was doing okay in her classes, or at the very least she hadn’t caused any disasters recently. There was the best secret club with Drew and Remington and Dade with Ruben helping them to learn all sorts of things. Kit was mostly learning about dodging but sometimes she learned spells too. Plus she thought it was super cool that a big kid like Ruben was helping little kids like them out. Ruben was the best! He’d even carried her to the nurse when he’d hit her by accident in Defense that one time. She’d got a concussion but that was okay. That sort of thing happened to Kit.

Everyone else in her friend group had this tendency to like, go to the library and read books and come back with neat-o spells to use. Kit was not a person who spent time in the library reading books that much. She was not a book-reader. She was a things-do-er or a TV-watcher but not a book-reader. But they didn’t have TV at RMI and even if they did it probably didn’t teach you spells that made frogs come out of your enemies ears. They hadn’t learned one like that yet but Kit was pretty sure it existed. And Kit was doubly pretty sure that she was going to learn it and then she was going to use it on Darlene and then probably get in trouble with Grandpa Garen but it would be worth it because Darlene was so mean all the time. Drew didn’t seem to understand that Darlene was so evil she was practically Dracula.

And that was why Kit was in the library, with Darby of course. Her tarantula was riding on her shoulder, even though he was getting a little bit big for that now. Darby was still smaller than a Quaffle, but Kit wouldn’t be surprised if he got to the size of a Quaffle. Apparently that was something some tarantulas did, according to Dad, who’d looked a little green when he told her that after doing some research. Darby was a big, growing boy who almost exclusively ate mice now. Kit was so proud of him. He was the best tarantula in the entire world! He’d even helped her make a card for her big sister. Kit could tell Marissa was feeling a little down lately and so she’d gotten together some paint and paper and made a card for Marissa. Darby had helped by dipping his tiny spider feet in paint and walking around the paper in what looked like a heart shape to Kit. She had sent Marissa the card by owl, like a surprise. The owl had looked at her a little askance when she told it where she wanted it to go, but it had gone anyway.

Kit was about to go into the stacks when she saw someone that she recognized.

“Kyle!” she whisper-yelled, trotting over to the older boy and (she presumed) his mouse. “Kyle! It’s been forever!”

And with that, she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed enthusiastically. Darby looked on in arachnid amusement.

    • No need to follow up, thanks anyways - Not Kyle, Tue Feb 27 17:59
      Oh no. Today had been shaping up to be moderately normal. Jaws still wasn’t acting quite right - he was dozing more than usual and eating less than usual - but considering the voracious appetite that ... more
      • Everything needs a good sequel - Kit & Darby, Thu Mar 1 11:01
        Kyle was not a very good hugger and Kit made a mental note to hug Kyle more when she saw him, so he could practice hugging. It was a very important life skill, in Kit’s personal opinion, and one she... more
        • Some things are better left un-continued - Still Not Kyle, Sat Mar 3 18:25
          Since he had just asked Kit to repeat herself, he probably was expected to have paid attention and actually heard her this time. This was difficult, however, because her spider was doing its creepy... more
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