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No need to follow up, thanks anyways
Tue Feb 27, 2018 17:59

Oh no.

Today had been shaping up to be moderately normal. Jaws still wasn’t acting quite right - he was dozing more than usual and eating less than usual - but considering the voracious appetite that was the black mouse’s “usual”, Russell had taken the optimistic perspective that he was perhaps not in the best state but surely not in a bad state, either. At least he’d licked clean Russell’s hand when offered a bit of dry oatmeal and nuts in the Diner earlier. That was a good sign. Jaws did like nuts.

His day outside of Jaws had also been coming up normal. Defense Against the Dark Arts yesterday had been…. interesting, to put it mildly, but at least he had finished the assignment during his class break so that he could put more concentration into Magical Sciences today. That was why he was in the library now, actually. He’d picked up Jaws from Cetus, let the rodent scramble up the sleeve of his striped cardigan and settle comfortably in the crook of his elbow, and then turned right back around and into the Passageways. Coming out in the Muggle literature section, Russell had taken a moment to skim over the titles of the weekly features shelf, equal parts curious to see whether he actually recognized any of the supposed cultural staples as he was reluctant to dive back into A Physicist’s Guide to Introductory Alchemy. The textbook had charts, which was helpful, but the writing style was convoluted and hard for him to follow.

Then suddenly Kit was there and calling him ‘Kyle’, and why did she keep calling him that? And then she hugged him. Even more importantly, he realized with a sudden fearful twist like a screwdriver in his stomach, her creepy spider was on top of her. Russell was tall enough that the spider was nowhere near eye level, but it was still much too close for comfort, especially with his mouse still tucked up his sleeve. His day had just gone from Moderately Normal to The Absolute Worst.

Oh no. Oh dear. Oh no.

Impulsive hyperventilating had quickly taken over, but he managed to talk around it in short bursts. “Umm hi - Kit - what are you - hi.” Russell had approximately negative twelve interest in returning the hug and stayed frozen still until she had moved enough and the spider was far enough that he felt safe enough to give her an awkward pat on the head. “How - how are you?” It was very easy for him to tune out whatever she might have said in response, because the spider was looking at him and Jaws was now wiggling against his elbow and he almost laughed from the tickling sensation but he was too terrified to laugh. The tickling spread up and he moved hastily as Jaws’ little head poked up, booping the black mouse back down under the collar of his cardigan. This was very much The Absolute Worst. When could he leave? Probably not while Kit was still talking. Sigh. “Sorry, what - what did you say?”

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