Kit & Darby
Everything needs a good sequel
Thu Mar 1, 2018 11:01

Kyle was not a very good hugger and Kit made a mental note to hug Kyle more when she saw him, so he could practice hugging. It was a very important life skill, in Kit’s personal opinion, and one she used often and with relish.

“You need more hugging practice,” the redhead informed Kyle, looking up at the older boy seriously and nodding her head as she agreed with her own words. Jaws’s little head popped up by Kyle’s shoulder, and Kit giggled a little. Jaws was so cute! Darby rubbed his two front legs together and backed up a little bit on her shoulder. But it seemed like Kyle had been totally distracted by Jaws (which was super understandable, Jaws was such a cute little mousie Kit would be distracted too) and he didn’t hear her. “I said, you need more hugging practice!”

And with that, Kit went ahead and hugged Kyle again. He was definitely taller than her, even though Kit was taller than usual for someone her age, so her nose squished against his stomach. Darby, apparently annoyed at being squished twice, jumped from Kit’s shoulder on to Kyle’s shoulder and rubbed clicked his fangs together, looking down at Kit. She sighed and let go of Kyle. Silly Darby. He was such a good tarantula, even if he did sometimes jump. The book that Jessie had given her for Christmas said that tarantulas usually didn’t jump very far, but Darby was a big tarantula so it made sense for him to be able to jump farther than other tarantulas.

  • No need to follow up, thanks anyways - Not Kyle, Tue Feb 27 17:59
    Oh no. Today had been shaping up to be moderately normal. Jaws still wasn’t acting quite right - he was dozing more than usual and eating less than usual - but considering the voracious appetite that ... more
    • Everything needs a good sequel - Kit & Darby, Thu Mar 1 11:01
      • Some things are better left un-continued - Still Not Kyle, Sat Mar 3 18:25
        Since he had just asked Kit to repeat herself, he probably was expected to have paid attention and actually heard her this time. This was difficult, however, because her spider was doing its creepy... more
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