It's okay. I can take care of myself.
Fri Mar 2, 2018 19:03

“I found this book I wanted to show you.”

That was one of her favorite sentences from one of her favorite people. She also enjoyed sentences that had to do with new spells, Bruno Mars, cats (specifically Catapult, who was currently playing with her new catnip toys), and tacos. Sometimes those things overlapped to be complex, lovely sentences with multiple favorite things. This was clearly one of those times, because Drew sat down and opened up the book. The Draco’s face lit up.

“Yes, show me!” She adjusted her position in the large chair she’d commandeered for her library day. Her elbows rested on the cushy arm and her chin rested in her hands. She leaned in close so she could see. Drew was one of the more cuddly friends she had at school. Kit was probably the Most Cuddly, to the point where it was uncomfortable and inappropriate, and Dade was absolutely the least. She felt that she and Drew were at the same level of comfort with hugs and stuff. She also thought it was the best level to be.

These were some really intense spells. The dark skinned girl was of the opinion that magic couldn’t be good or dark. It was the magic user’s intent that created that. Still, some of these were really crazy. Who came up with this stuff?

“That’s so creative,” Remington shook her head in awe. That was one of the coolest things about spells like these. They level of ingenuity behind tons of “questionable” spells was incredible. She loved it. “I dunno if we could yet. They seem super advanced. I bet Ruben could do it.” There didn’t seem to be anything the Swede couldn’t do. Someone could accuse her of having a crush on him, with how much she admired the older student, but they’d be wrong. Remington knew very little about what she did and did not find attractive, but Ruben’s blonde hair and blue eyes was absolutely not something that made butterflies fly around her stomach.

“I’m looking for a spell that’ll translate the book Ruben gave me,” she said, reaching over to turn the page in Drew’s book, “I thought about asking Professor McKindy to help, but I wouldn’t know what to do if he asked questions. Or if he wanted to show me and translate the book himself. Who knows what’s in there?”

  • Careful, some might hit back - Andrew Tennant, Sat Feb 24 23:24
    Andrew Tennant holding a giant old book was not a common sight. Drew was most likely to be seen holding his guitar, or maybe the CD player his dad had enchanted for him, or possibly his wand if he... more
    • It's okay. I can take care of myself. - Remington, Fri Mar 2 19:03
      • I won’t argue with that - Drew, Tue Mar 6 00:56
        “ Yes, show me! ” Drew grinned. He knew Remington would say that. She was the most Draco-y Draco he had ever met. She just loved learning, like, so much. He angled the book so she could see it better ... more
        • Good, we know I'm right! - Remington, Tue Mar 13 18:50
          “Yeah, we should definitely make a note of them to come back to,” Remington agreed with a small nod of her head. Her curls bounced as she moved, and the cat tail on her bow flicked in annoyance. “I... more
          • Three rights make a left - Drew, Sat Mar 24 22:37
            Drew agreed with Remington about waiting to try the spells, even though they sounded really cool and he totally wanted to learn how to cast them. It’d be different if Ruben wasn’t graduating at the... more
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