Still Not Kyle
Some things are better left un-continued
Sat Mar 3, 2018 18:25

Since he had just asked Kit to repeat herself, he probably was expected to have paid attention and actually heard her this time. This was difficult, however, because her spider was doing its creepy leg-rubbing thing. It wouldn’t stop staring at him. Erm, at Jaws. Or in the direction where Jaws was a moment prior, anyways, the mouse having now been poked down to relative safety under his cardigan. Russell was suddenly very aware of the spot between bony shoulder blades where the machine-knit material hung heavy against his back. The warm sweater had originally seemed a good choice, autumn being well underway, but he was deeply regretting it. He had X class scheduled for later today with some people he was maybe slightly interested in almost friends with, and he didn’t want to sweat through his clothes before then. Perhaps he could sneak a quick change and strip down a layer to his fish-patterned tank top.

Or not. The words ‘hugging practice’ only barely registered and then Kit was wrapping herself around him again. What was up with the Kendricks this year? First Marissa was kissing him (okay, that was way back at the start of term, but it felt like yesterday in that he still felt a bit awkward around her even though he was trying hard for it to not be awkward), and now her sister was hugging him twice in a row. Russell was not a fan of unsolicited normal hugs and he was not a fan of these hugs, either. Kit was tiny compared to him, and her pointy nose was in his stomach, and she apparently had no clue on the concept of ‘personal space’ so probably didn’t even notice and/or care. He had the sudden, desperate thought that he might be able to pick her up and just move her away from him. Height was in no way an indicator of strength and he had no lost hopes in his ability to do so with either skill or ease, but surely he could get her a little farther, at least…

Only then something happened which made The Absolute Worst look like a semi-fresh apple pie. (Fresh would be a stronger contrast, linguistically speaking, but one couldn’t eat a fresh pie - much too hot - and eating was the point of pies.) Any half-formed plans to hoist Kit off him was vanished with a twist out the door and were replaced with a much-too-big spider named- “D-Darby,” he managed to get out, almost in a whisper, staring straight ahead rigidly. “Is he on…?” Nope, he didn’t need to finish that question. He could feel right where the spider was. Tiny sharp feet stabbing through his shirt where it had landed. Quick clicking under his ear as it got ready to eat Jaws or drink his blood or whatever giant spiders did for fun.

“Can, can you - can you take Darby back?” he made the stilted request, or more accurately, begged rather than asked. His body posture wasn’t nearly submissive enough for pleading a favour of the much younger and also much more authoritative girl. Alas there wasn’t anything to be done about that; he couldn’t risk moving because what if the spider did something unpredictable, like moved around even more on him?

Russell had thought he was at a good temperature just minutes before, but that was before the world had failed him entirely. Now he was not only definitely damp under the arms and back and starting to worry about it oozing grossly from his hairline too, but he had also been attacked by a child (twice) and by a spider (once, so far). Distracted by his anxious thoughts, Jaws decided to seize the moment andwriggled very inconveniently out of his collar. Now he had a mouse on one shoulder and a spider on the other. Upset at the sounds of loud curious sniffs under his opposite ear, Russell thought a bad-but-not-too-bad word to himself and tried to block Jaws from scampering across his chest to check out the spider. “No no, don’t get eaten, please don’t eat him!”

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