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Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:14

“Oh congratulations!” Rose said when Holland mentioned that they’d completed Animagus. Rose and Danny had both accomplished their Animagus forms on the same day at the end of last year, and Rose had honestly kind of forgotten that other people were still working on their forms. She actually wasn’t sure who else besides Holland had stuck with it. Animagus magic was really complex and hard to wrap your head around, so Rose wasn’t surprised that Holland had managed, but she wasn’t sure who else was clever enough to do that sort of thing. “Can I ask what your form is?” It seemed like kind of a private question, but Holland had brought it up and Rose was very curious. “Mine is a black swan,” the English girl offered.

Technomancy, Holland’s next project, was something that Rose had never spent much time on. Although she had some exposure to Muggle things from Marissa (even though both of Marissa’s parents were magical and she was actually related to some not insignificant pureblood families, the Kendricks had a bunch of Muggle stuff in their home) Rose wasn’t comfortable enough with them to want to tinker with them. There had been some units in Cultural Studies that involved basic introductions to Muggle technology, and obviously Magical Sciences had some overlap, but those weren’t things that Rose had particularly focused on. She was too busy doing Spellwork and things related to Spellwork.

“Well right now Professor McKindy has me familiarizing myself with older languages so we can start talking about spell structure,” Rose said. “I feel like that’s not really a project as I’ve not really got a goal in mind, but it’s quite a bit of fun.” In part because Professor McKindy had focused entirely on Eurocentric spellwork and in part because it seemed difficult to learn Asian languages, they were just focusing on Latin, Babylonian, and Greek. There were obviously spells that had been developed in other languages, but apparently magic was rather regional, which Rose found fascinating. “It’s not particularly dazzling, though,” Rose added dryly, making a face. “I suppose it’s hard to one-up becoming an Animagus at seventeen.”

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    “ I hadn’t thought of that, ” Rose said speculatively. A quiet concern took root. Rose had a more impressive transcript, and curse-breaking programs were small. Holland didn’t want to have to compete ... more
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