Good, we know I'm right!
Tue Mar 13, 2018 18:50

“Yeah, we should definitely make a note of them to come back to,” Remington agreed with a small nod of her head. Her curls bounced as she moved, and the cat tail on her bow flicked in annoyance. “I definitely don’t want to try them until it seems safe enough to practice. Plus, I dunno if I want anyone poking around in my brain.” She didn’t have much to hide, but she didn’t like the idea anyway. It would be especially concerning if Kit was motivated enough to learn some of the spells they found. The Draco didn’t want to be responsible for Darlene’s vision to go upside down and backwards.

If she were being honest, Remington understood Kit’s resentment towards her roommate. She definitely thought that Kit was overdramatic about it all – especially since the redhead claimed racist when it came to her off-putting pet – but she could relate. Drew seemed to really like Darlene and spent time alone with her sometimes. The Draco just didn’t get the appeal. All of Drew’s friends were really cool and awesome in some way. Dade was crazy good at spellwork, Kit was impressively energetic, and Remington fully recognized her brilliance. They had a secret club to learn awesome spells. Darlene just… didn’t fit. Maybe if Remington got to know the other girl better, she’d find something secretly amazing about her, and everything would make sense.

She also understood that she had no room to talk. Anssi and Hunter were both people she considered friends, and they didn’t exactly match her core friend group, either.

Drew came up with a brilliant idea to learn the spell, and the Draco grinned. “Okay, what would I do without you?” She sat up a little more and looked around the library. “What kind of book should I bring him? It might as well be something interesting or useful.” She clapped her hands together excitedly and her eyes lit up. “I bet there’s something about the Midnight Sun and how that influences magic in Norway. Some of the country gets sun for twenty four hours over the summer,” she added, in case Drew didn’t know, “Let’s find stuff about that!”

  • I won’t argue with that - Drew, Tue Mar 6 00:56
    “ Yes, show me! ” Drew grinned. He knew Remington would say that. She was the most Draco-y Draco he had ever met. She just loved learning, like, so much. He angled the book so she could see it better ... more
    • Good, we know I'm right! - Remington, Tue Mar 13 18:50
      • Three rights make a left - Drew, Sat Mar 24 22:37
        Drew agreed with Remington about waiting to try the spells, even though they sounded really cool and he totally wanted to learn how to cast them. It’d be different if Ruben wasn’t graduating at the... more
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