Teal Rosse
Snoring in the library
Thu Mar 22, 2018 17:25

Fourth year (so far) had been more trouble than it was worth. Granted, Teal had to admit to herself, some of that was her fault, but how on earth could she have anticipated Myffi taking over the diner or the staircases refusing to work? RMI’s usual amount of chaos seemed to be doubled, and that was without Kit Kendrick in her classes anymore. Classes. Maybe that was the reason why Teal felt so rushed all day, every day. That’s what happened when your parents are teachers, the freckly girl thought to herself as she placed the last stack of books on her blanket. You end up taking eight classes at once.

Teal was taking Potions (of course), Spellwork (of course), Magical Sciences (of course), Astronomy (because Marley was, too), Magizoobotany (because there might be iguanas, also, because Marley was, too), Ancient runes (because it was super cool), Defense against the Dark Arts (because it was super cool), and Divinations (because Marley was, too). There was a theme. Marley. Their date to Pearl Street last year had been so much fun, and they’d half-heartedly made plans to meet up over the summer, but Teal had been far too embarrassed to ask her parents to Apparate her for a date. She would have been embarrassed even if it was a date with a dude (thanks, Mom and Dad, for knowing Raja’s parents, the other person she would’ve ever wanted to date), but a date with a girl? The last thing Teal wanted was her parents to show up at Thanksgiving dressed in rainbows and waving little “I support my gay daughter” signs.

The Draco tied her blanket around the stack of books, and with a quick wave of her wand, levitated the pile up behind her. She slung her bag over her shoulder (it had all her parchment, inks, and quills, as well as Plush Godzilla) and headed out of the dorm, the blanket-wrapped books following obediently. Teal liked to study in quiet, and while the Common Room was usually okay, Saad and Jacob were having a spirited discussion prompted by their Cultural Studies essays. Annie, Teal’s roommate, had developed an interest in opera over the summer. In response, Teal had developed an interest in the Permanent Silencing Charm. To avoid a duel, Teal studied in the library whenever her roommate wanted to listen to Wherefore Wendelin the Weird in the original German.

It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and Teal needed to write seven inches of essay on salamander habitats, fill out a palmistry diagram, translate a paragraph for Runes, and finish a chart of the retrograde motion of Mars. She also wanted to go through her notes on the Shrinking Solution, because her last attempt hadn’t been bright green (more like yellow-green). Teal took a study corral by the fire, propped Zilly on the top shelf, and spread her books over the desk. It expanded to contain the sprawl. Teal wrapped the fluffy blue blanket around herself and settled in. She was wearing a red-and-orange sweatshirt over leggings, with thick fuzzy socks and her yellow Chucks.

Although her hair had started out in a ponytail, over the next few hours it became more and more bedraggled as she kept running her fingers through it in confusion. It wasn’t possible to have two heart lines, was it? It was warm in the library, and Teal felt like her brain was under fog. She looked around quickly, and didn’t see anyone, so she pulled Zilly down on her lap. Teal loved that old plush iguana, but she didn’t want everyone else seeing her still playing with toys like that. “Come on, buddy,” she whispered, and patted his head. “Help me out with a lizard friend?” Teal pulled the salamander essay closer, propped her chin up on her hand, and started writing. Merlin’s beard, this essay was tough. She’d just close her eyes for a minute, to take a break…

Soon, the sound of snoring filled the quiet study area. Teal slumped forward onto the desk, one arm hanging awkwardly off, the other under her head. Tragically, the small (but growing) puddle of drool had missed her hand and instead pooled on the essay. She would need to rewrite it when she finally awoke. Her cheek brushed the wet ink from the last line she’d written, adding some dark lines to her freckles.

Someone said something-- were they shaking her chair? Her shoulder? Teal jerked upright and mumbled sleepily. She wiped her face with the sleeve of the sweatshirt and tried remember what the interloper had said. Had they seen Zilly? Bad enough to be caught sleeping in the library. Even worse to have a blanket and a stuffed animal like a kid going camping inside. “What -- huh -- what, what’s up?”

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