Three rights make a left
Sat Mar 24, 2018 22:37

Drew agreed with Remington about waiting to try the spells, even though they sounded really cool and he totally wanted to learn how to cast them. It’d be different if Ruben wasn’t graduating at the end of the year, or if there was another upperclassman who could take his place. But there wasn’t anyone else at RMI who knew what Ruben did about magic, or about physical self defense, as far as Drew was aware. Ruben could teach Anssi stuff over the breaks, probably, but the younger Lundqvist was definitely not a magical match for his brother in knowledge or ability.

Drew liked Anssi all right, although he didn’t know him very well yet. His yearmate was kind of soft-spoken, which wasn’t typical for Drew’s friends—Kit, Remington, and Dade were all pretty opinionated, with Drew usually being the person who went along with things—but it might be nice to have someone else who wasn’t so outspoken all the time. If Anssi kept up with self-defense club after Ruben graduated (that seemed about fifty-fifty chances; Anssi kind of seemed like he was only involved because of his older brother) then Drew could see them becoming really good friends.

Okay, what would I do without you?

“Be stuck learning Norwegian, probably,” Drew said, grinning. He hadn’t known the thing she’d said about the sun and Norway, but he also wasn’t sure how it would make a difference. The sun didn’t affect magic, did it? You could cast spells that involved solar power, sure, but the sun didn’t power magic. If anything, Drew thought, the moon was more magical. Some potions involved ingredients you had to pick under a full moon (see? He knew things about potions when Huburt explained the homework and Kit didn’t mess up their brew) but as far as he knew there weren’t any that involved the sun.

Drew also didn’t think the decoy book needed to be something interesting, but hey, if Remington wanted to find a specific book, she was welcome to look, and obviously he was going to help. “I dunno how many books the RMI library has in Norwegian,” he pointed out, but he got up to follow her all the same. They didn’t have anyone who spoke Norwegian as far as he knew (unless it was one of the, like, dozen languages Harriett Sniegowski spoke) so why would they have books in Norwegian? It seemed like a kind of obscure thing to have.

Remington might have better luck taking the elevator up to Lighthouse Books and trying to find something there. “Like, we can look, but you might have to find something on Pearl Street.” Drew was super jealous of Remington’s ability to go to Pearl Street. He’d been able to go up until becoming a student last year. It was super lame that he had to take a two-year break from going to Pearl Street just because he actually attended RMI now. “Say hi to the Christies for me if you go.”

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    “Yeah, we should definitely make a note of them to come back to,” Remington agreed with a small nod of her head. Her curls bounced as she moved, and the cat tail on her bow flicked in annoyance. “I... more
    • Three rights make a left - Drew, Sat Mar 24 22:37
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