Nolan Ramsey
It’s boring in the library
Sun Mar 25, 2018 18:59

When Nolan had first transferred to RMI last year, his parents had signed him up for the classes that corresponded to the ones he’d been taking at home. He’d wanted to add Astronomy, because it sounded cool, but apparently that one didn’t count as an elective, and he had to have one of those, so Divination it was. That bumped Astronomy out of the lineup, because Nolan really didn’t want to be taking seven classes.

He didn’t really want to be taking six either (it felt like a lot compared to, say, Connor, who only had four), but Nolan couldn’t figure out which one to drop. He had to have Divination, and his parents said he needed to take History of Magic. Magizoobotany was his favorite class, and he liked Defense for pretty much the same reason—Professor Embers brought in creatures for them to study all the time. Keeping up with Spellwork just seemed like good sense, because the subject covered all of the useful everyday spells like cleaning and stuff. That left Potions, which was just an okay subject, but Rob was Nolan’s favorite professor because they could make fun of each other’s disabilities in class. (Nolan had gotten pretty good at guarding his crutches on days when he needed to use them, and fortunately Rob’s service dog didn’t seem interested in trying to steal Nolan’s leg.)

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, Nolan had a bunch of assignments due for his six classes before Thursday. Incidentally, the Aquila Common Room was a terrible place to do homework. Nolan usually ended up working somewhere in the Outdoor Classroom—he did his best thinking when he was out in the grass and sunshine—but today the RMI weather charms had decided to offer mud and rain, so he’d relocated to the library.

He checked Magizoobotany (write an essay on salamander habits) and Defense (compare and contrast five kinds of defensive charms) off his to-do list first and second. He was starting on Divination (memorizing hand charts) when the snoring—which had been going on for a little while anyway—got too loud to ignore. Nolan leaned back from his study carrel to find the source of the noise and saw Teal Rosse sleeping in the carrel a couple down from his. Teal was in all of his classes except for History of Magic, but he didn’t really know her outside of class. Nolan got up and walked the few steps over to her desk. It would definitely be weird to touch her to wake her up, so he kind of nudged her chair with his real leg instead. “Hey, uh, you mind?”

She didn’t fully wake up for a few seconds, and he felt kind of bad. Not for waking her up (Nolan liked a good nap too, but he wouldn’t take one here, especially if he knew he snored) but because she looked like a baby augury that had fallen out of its nest. Her hair was all scraggly-looking and she had ink on her face and she seemed really tired. “Just, uh, the library might not be the best place for a nap,” he drawled. “You all right?”

  • Snoring in the library - Teal Rosse, Thu Mar 22 17:25
    Fourth year (so far) had been more trouble than it was worth. Granted, Teal had to admit to herself, some of that was her fault, but how on earth could she have anticipated Myffi taking over the... more
    • It’s boring in the library - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Mar 25 18:59
      • At least it's not pouring - Teal, Sun Mar 25 22:38
        “Just, uh, the library might not be the best place for a nap. You all right?” It was a boy. That new one (he’d transferred in last year). Rolland? Logan? He didn’t have a leg, and he had a bit of an... more
        • Good thing; the books can’t swim - Nolan, Mon Mar 26 17:36
          Teal wiped her face on her sleeve, so now the ink spot was an ink smear. Nolan decided not to mention it, because it wasn’t that big of an ink smear and also because you weren’t supposed to say... more
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