At least it's not pouring
Sun Mar 25, 2018 22:38

“Just, uh, the library might not be the best place for a nap. You all right?” It was a boy. That new one (he’d transferred in last year). Rolland? Logan? He didn’t have a leg, and he had a bit of an accent, and that was about all Teal knew about him. It was kind of weird. At RMI, you were with one group of people for first through third year, and you gradually didn’t see the older kids. But then you got to fourth year, and you never saw Raja the lower years again.

Teal shook her head to try and shake the sleep out of her eyes (and hair). Then she realized Collin had asked her if she was okay, and she nodded. She rubbed her eyes, then tried to wipe her face on her sleeves. Teal yawned. “I’m fine. I swear I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I know I have this,” she flopped a corner of her blanket, “but I was just using it to carry books.” She casually dropped the corner of the blanket on her lap, covering up the plush iguana hidden there. Maybe she shouldn’t bring Zilly with her in public anymore… especially not when all her classes were with older students. “It’s just so warm in here…”

She looked back at the desk to see what she’d last been working on. It was the salamander essay. Teal suppressed a groan. She’d thought that Magizoobotany would be fun, but there were a lot more essays and a lot less petting animals than she’d expected. Teal also didn’t enjoy the Herbology parts of the class that much. She didn’t like digging in the ground, she didn’t like sweating in the greenhouses, and she didn’t like smelling like fertilizer. It was good there were some people who liked that sort of thing, but Teal couldn’t care less about using organic versus farmed gillyweed. Why grow your own plants when you could just buy them? She didn’t understand Myffi’s Agriclub at all. She’d rather someone just give her the plants so she could use them for potions.

Taking eight classes at once was harder than Teal had thought it would be. She’d just felt obligated to sign up for all of them, but all the work was starting to overwhelm her. It didn’t help that Mom and Dad had both taught at RMI. Dad was still teaching (Magical Sciences at Wallowa) and he worked a lot with the Magizoobot teacher there. Over the summer, Teal had helped Dad gather Sasquatch hair samples for the students to analyze. She’d gotten to hike all over Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, although Ward Rosse had gotten suspicious about who was sending his daughter so many owls (especially since Teal would turn bright red and refuse to answer). Hiking was an okay outdoors activity. They couldn’t fly because there were so many Muggle tourists around, which was good, because Teal hated flying. Dad wasn’t great at it either -- one of the few things neither one of her parents was super good at. Teal knew they didn’t mean to, but both of them were so smart, she felt like she had a lot to live up to.

The fourth-year looked from her smudged essay to the boy and back again. Owen seemed pretty good at Magizoobot. “You want to study together? You could help me with this salamander essay, and I’m pretty good at the planetary motion stuff. Wait no, you’re not in Astronomy. Hmmm, well, I’m in like every class, so I’m sure I can help with something...” She smiled brightly at Noel and tried to look competent and not like someone who’d fallen asleep in the library.

  • It’s boring in the library - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Mar 25 18:59
    When Nolan had first transferred to RMI last year, his parents had signed him up for the classes that corresponded to the ones he’d been taking at home. He’d wanted to add Astronomy, because it... more
    • At least it's not pouring - Teal, Sun Mar 25 22:38
      • Good thing; the books can’t swim - Nolan, Mon Mar 26 17:36
        Teal wiped her face on her sleeve, so now the ink spot was an ink smear. Nolan decided not to mention it, because it wasn’t that big of an ink smear and also because you weren’t supposed to say... more
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