Good thing; the books can’t swim
Mon Mar 26, 2018 17:36

Teal wiped her face on her sleeve, so now the ink spot was an ink smear. Nolan decided not to mention it, because it wasn’t that big of an ink smear and also because you weren’t supposed to say anything negative about the way a girl looked. That was just how things worked.

For someone who didn’t mean to fall asleep in the library, she sure had a cozy setup, what with the fluffy blanket (like, did she not have a backpack, or…?) and—was that a toy in her lap, or had he imagined that? Not that Nolan had room to talk on the subject of falling asleep in weird places. The thing about having a flying horse was that it was really easy to end up on top of the barn, for instance. Nolan had learned the hard way that if you fell asleep on the barn because it was warm and sunny up there, Quint would get bored and fly off to find somewhere with grass and leave you totally stuck on the roof.

“Sure thing,” Nolan said. He was pretty good at remembering creature stuff, so he’d been able to knock the Magizoobotany essay out pretty quick. Memorizing what all different species liked and where they lived and what they ate was just like working on the ranch. They might only work with one kind of animal back home, but all the winged horses had their own habits that you had to remember. Like how Quint liked beets, but if you gave a beet to Aqua Fortis, one of Nolan’s mom’s mares, she would lose her dang mind and probably bite you. Or how Lady Cookie, Quint’s dam, was completely terrified of puddles. You had to remember all those quirks to keep the horses happy, so it was no surprise to Nolan that he was good at remembering animal details in class. “I already finished my essay. Was there, like, a specific part you needed help with, or just the whole thing?” He didn’t know how good of a teacher he’d be, but at least she was asking for help with a subject he was good at.

Nolan grabbed his books and papers from his study carrel and moved them into the one next to Teal’s. No offense to the younger girl, but he wasn’t sure how much a fourth year was going to be able to help him with his homework. Of course they had pretty much all the same lessons, so the homework was the same, and… okay, maybe she had a point.

“Done any of the palmistry stuff for Divination yet?” he asked, since that was what he’d been working on. On his life, Nolan could not tell the difference between the fingernail shapes unless he was looking at the diagram. How the heck were you supposed to tell if someone had an almond-shaped nail or an oval-shaped one? Those were basically the same thing. “Maybe we could read each others’ palms for practice or something.” He learned a lot better by doing than by reading.

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    “Just, uh, the library might not be the best place for a nap. You all right?” It was a boy. That new one (he’d transferred in last year). Rolland? Logan? He didn’t have a leg, and he had a bit of an... more
    • Good thing; the books can’t swim - Nolan, Mon Mar 26 17:36
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