Satveer Mittal
No Air humping in the library please.
Fri Apr 6, 2018 15:56

Satveer was just as bemused returning to RMI after his second ever midterm as he was with his first. His previously established, highly monotonous, norms of home education didn’t allow for the levels of downtime that midterm holiday and the Christmas break provided. In truth, he wasn’t really very good at doing nothing, and whilst his squib siblings offered some relief, he found he couldn’t discuss his school work with them as they get ‘funny’ so he often retracted into his sketchbook. His mother however saw this as Satveer doing nothing, and as such she found him things to do.

The midterm break saw the Mittal family attempt to introduce themselves into some of the traditional Christian values. Specifically the Christmas spirit. Although Satveer’s father felt the holiday was a little too… jolly(?) for his liking. He made it clear, on a number of occasions, there was too much focus on the overweight charitable man in pajamas and not enough on the bastard child (the commonly understood true meaning of Christmas). One, slightly comical aspect of the christmas period saw Satveer and his family join other townsfolk in the annual Town Hall Carol Service. The singing was a purely tactical move. Satveer’s father saw it as an opportunity to further anchor their presence in the town and appear a little less “foreign” to the natives. They had even managed to partake in turkey on Christmas Day, although it was a little too close to Thanksgiving for Satveer’s liking.

Having stowed his luggage in his room, Satveer decided to get some quiet time in the Library. He’d have stayed in the Lyra common room, but since the whole incident with Kit, he’d felt a little exposed. Not that the Kit incident didn’t resolve in a positive outcome. She didn’t enquire further into his book and they were on good terms. After Kit had ranted about Darlene and how she had bewitched Drew and ensnared his soul (a little post event creative thinking goes along way), Satveer listened attentively and helped calm her down. Well, as calm as Kit can get. The point was, she didn’t go searching through his book. The whole thing could have gone sideways should she have, so Satveer decided the library seemed like a more private option. He had put it down to the quiet ‘do not disturb’ vibe it had going for it.

As Satveer walked quietly through the library hugging his closed sketchbook and clutching his rattling pencil box. As he approached a table where Drew’s was nestled, he subconsciously slowed in an attempt to listen to the muffled sound that emanated in Drews direction. Only when he got close and Drew took off his headphones did Satveer realise that the noise was music. “Sorry Drew, no. Not at all. It wasn’t disturbing me. I was just” Satveer said all bashful, “I was just kinda being nosey. Sorry.” Satveer gestured towards the headset. “What are you doing, anyway? If you don’t mind me asking.”

  • The rhythm of love - Andrew Tennant, Fri Apr 6 10:08
    Valentine’s Day was in, like, a month, and Andrew Tennant had someone he would like to be his valentine, and he was a music guy, so he was making a mixtape. Or, well, a mix CD, because it was the... more
    • No Air humping in the library please. - Satveer Mittal, Fri Apr 6 15:56
      • Way to make it weird - Drew, Sat Apr 7 01:51
        After the conversation they’d had on prospective students’ day, Drew had thought Satveer was kind of weird. Oversharey, if that was a word. (And if it wasn’t a word, it was now, because he had used... more
        • A mix CD. A simple answer to a nosey question. But whilst the answer may have been a simple one, the connotations and associations with it, were not. If Satveer’s understanding of teenage... more
          • Do or do not, there is no try - Drew, Tue Apr 10 00:21
            Drew kinda felt like maybe if Satveer wanted a quiet place to draw, maybe he shouldn’t have started a conversation with someone. Besides, didn’t the Lyra common room have a bunch of... more
            • I can be very trying! - Satveer, Tue Apr 10 09:18
              With Drew’s indication of “Maybe someday soon” , Satveer surmised that the CD wasn’t necessarily a token of love, but more of an attempt at some sort of peacocking. Satveer couldn’t help but imagine... more
              • That’s okay, I don’t quit - Drew, Tue Apr 10 17:33
                Drew had sort of been hoping for something… more different than the last event. He considered the idea. On the one hand, it was hard to figure out dates when you couldn’t go to Pearl Street. RMI was... more
                • I possibly ought to. - Satveer, Fri Apr 13 06:56
                  Drew’s noncommittal “maybe” was potentially the out Satveer needed. If he didn't have the audience, then he didn't need to plan it. Placing the Kit issue to one side, the logistics of such an event,... more
                  • Never give up, never surrender - Drew, Sun Apr 22 23:13
                    “ Nah. ” Well, so much for talking about crushes. Drew had a bunch of friends, but he couldn’t really talk to any of them about this. If he tried to talk to Kit about Darlene, she just called her a... more
                    • Satveer was very fond of music, so much so that his initial reaction to Drew’s question was to grin. “I like alot of music” he paused, realising his sentence needed clarification. “Or at least, I... more
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