Way to make it weird
Sat Apr 7, 2018 01:51

After the conversation they’d had on prospective students’ day, Drew had thought Satveer was kind of weird. Oversharey, if that was a word. (And if it wasn’t a word, it was now, because he had used it and people could figure out what it meant, which was basically the only thing that made language language. At least that was what Drew had gotten out of that one Cultural Studies class.) It was kind of cool that Drew was the kind of person people felt they could just talk to—he wanted to be that kind of person for his friends—but he was not a huge fan of people he’d just met telling him way personal stuff. That was not cool at all, especially because Drew was not great at dealing with it when people he didn’t know well had emotional breakdowns in front of him.

Although that would be a really good skill for a journalist to have. Like, if you were trying to investigate something and witnesses just felt comfortable telling you things without you having to work hard for it, that would help a lot. It would be neat if that applied in the future when Drew became a reporter. Legilimency would probably help even more, but even if you were a Legilimens, that didn’t give you the right to go around reading people’s minds. Only a huge jerk would poke around in someone’s head without asking consent first.

“I’m, uh,” Drew said, trying to decide how much he wanted to share. On the one hand, he hadn’t told anyone he was making the CD because he wanted it to be a surprise. Satveer was in Lyra with Darlene, so he might see her and say something about it. But on the other hand Satveer had sponsored the flying carpet event, and that had gone pretty well for Drew, so he was feeling pretty charitable toward his fellow second-year. Friendly enough that he felt like giving a better answer than ‘I’m listening to music, what does it look like.’

“I’m making a mix CD for Darlene,” Drew answered. “As a present. So I’m trying to pick songs that make me think of her.” So far most of the songs that made him think of her were about guys who wanted to do nice things for the girl they really liked, which was pretty much how he felt, so mission accomplished. If he could find a song that really captured how sweet and pretty and wonderful the singer thought the girl was, that would be perfect, but Drew hadn’t found the right one yet. He’d written down a few options, though. Once he had finished making his lists (there was a definitely column and a maybe column in his notebook), he could start thinking about track order. The order the songs played in was important when you were making a mixtape too.

If Satveer could be nosy then Drew could be nosy right back. “How about you? What are you doing in the library?” They didn’t have any homework yet as far as Drew knew, since everyone had just gotten back. Well, Professor Boot had said they were supposed to read like a million pages about vampires over break, but Drew was pretty sure he’d have forgotten about it by next class. Professor Boot was like that sometimes.

  • No Air humping in the library please. - Satveer Mittal, Fri Apr 6 15:56
    Satveer was just as bemused returning to RMI after his second ever midterm as he was with his first. His previously established, highly monotonous, norms of home education didn’t allow for the levels ... more
    • Way to make it weird - Drew, Sat Apr 7 01:51
      • A mix CD. A simple answer to a nosey question. But whilst the answer may have been a simple one, the connotations and associations with it, were not. If Satveer’s understanding of teenage... more
        • Do or do not, there is no try - Drew, Tue Apr 10 00:21
          Drew kinda felt like maybe if Satveer wanted a quiet place to draw, maybe he shouldn’t have started a conversation with someone. Besides, didn’t the Lyra common room have a bunch of... more
          • I can be very trying! - Satveer, Tue Apr 10 09:18
            With Drew’s indication of “Maybe someday soon” , Satveer surmised that the CD wasn’t necessarily a token of love, but more of an attempt at some sort of peacocking. Satveer couldn’t help but imagine... more
            • That’s okay, I don’t quit - Drew, Tue Apr 10 17:33
              Drew had sort of been hoping for something… more different than the last event. He considered the idea. On the one hand, it was hard to figure out dates when you couldn’t go to Pearl Street. RMI was... more
              • I possibly ought to. - Satveer, Fri Apr 13 06:56
                Drew’s noncommittal “maybe” was potentially the out Satveer needed. If he didn't have the audience, then he didn't need to plan it. Placing the Kit issue to one side, the logistics of such an event,... more
                • Never give up, never surrender - Drew, Sun Apr 22 23:13
                  “ Nah. ” Well, so much for talking about crushes. Drew had a bunch of friends, but he couldn’t really talk to any of them about this. If he tried to talk to Kit about Darlene, she just called her a... more
                  • Satveer was very fond of music, so much so that his initial reaction to Drew’s question was to grin. “I like alot of music” he paused, realising his sentence needed clarification. “Or at least, I... more
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