Weird is how I roll (I try not to and I’m getting better!)
Sat Apr 7, 2018 14:42

A mix CD. A simple answer to a nosey question. But whilst the answer may have been a simple one, the connotations and associations with it, were not. If Satveer’s understanding of teenage relationship dynamics was correct, things between Drew and Darlene were going well. Satveer didn’t know to what extent their relationship were to be considered a relationship, but a mix CD was something more than just friends. Satveer couldn’t help but feel equal parts smug and guilt. Satveer had observed how well Drew and Darlene had gotten on at the carpet flying event but it clearly had a negative effect on Kit. When he considered her rant prior to mid-term, Satveer didn’t feel he should take credit for the potential status of DD. Either way, a Mix CD was something Kit should be aware of.

Whilst they were in the same house, and shared a common room, Satveer didn’t really know Darlene. He didn’t really know Kit to either to be fair, but over midterm he’d decided he’d like to. He’d really like to. And whilst it felt a little below the belt, if Darlene was the obstruction, he’d navigate a way through around it. It could have been a little jealousy spiking, having seen what was happening with Drew and Darlene and other couples around school. Or it could have been the lack of a bestie to share things with, but Satveer’s focus was very much on getting to know Kit, whatever that meant.

in response to Drew’s questioning repost, Satveer thought honesty was the best policy. “I was just finding somewhere quiet to sketch” He said with a shrug. Realising the opportunity that lay before him, Satveer decided he could probe a little further and potentially gain some ground with Kit, “A mix CD though, that’s cool. It seemed like you two got on well at the carpets” Satveer smirked, “are you two, like, you know” he said with a nod, implying the ‘boyfriend / girlfriend’ conclusion of then sentence.

  • Way to make it weird - Drew, Sat Apr 7 01:51
    After the conversation they’d had on prospective students’ day, Drew had thought Satveer was kind of weird. Oversharey, if that was a word. (And if it wasn’t a word, it was now, because he had used... more
    • Weird is how I roll (I try not to and I’m getting better!) - Satveer, Sat Apr 7 14:42
      • Do or do not, there is no try - Drew, Tue Apr 10 00:21
        Drew kinda felt like maybe if Satveer wanted a quiet place to draw, maybe he shouldn’t have started a conversation with someone. Besides, didn’t the Lyra common room have a bunch of... more
        • I can be very trying! - Satveer, Tue Apr 10 09:18
          With Drew’s indication of “Maybe someday soon” , Satveer surmised that the CD wasn’t necessarily a token of love, but more of an attempt at some sort of peacocking. Satveer couldn’t help but imagine... more
          • That’s okay, I don’t quit - Drew, Tue Apr 10 17:33
            Drew had sort of been hoping for something… more different than the last event. He considered the idea. On the one hand, it was hard to figure out dates when you couldn’t go to Pearl Street. RMI was... more
            • I possibly ought to. - Satveer, Fri Apr 13 06:56
              Drew’s noncommittal “maybe” was potentially the out Satveer needed. If he didn't have the audience, then he didn't need to plan it. Placing the Kit issue to one side, the logistics of such an event,... more
              • Never give up, never surrender - Drew, Sun Apr 22 23:13
                “ Nah. ” Well, so much for talking about crushes. Drew had a bunch of friends, but he couldn’t really talk to any of them about this. If he tried to talk to Kit about Darlene, she just called her a... more
                • Satveer was very fond of music, so much so that his initial reaction to Drew’s question was to grin. “I like alot of music” he paused, realising his sentence needed clarification. “Or at least, I... more
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