Professor Aaron McKindy
Learning to babble in Babylonian
Fri Jan 20, 2017 06:25

Although Aaron had an extensive collection of books in his office and in the suite he shared with his partner and their Garen’s kids, sometimes he ran out of useful books and needed to venture into the RMI library. It was a pretty extensive library, even if it did run a little bit towards the basic side of things. At the moment, though, he was looking for a dictionary on Old Babylonian, which was one of the languages he was, inconveniently, not fluent in. It was largely inconvenient because some of the work he did when putting together new spells was usually in Old Babylonian. Babylon had a solid, ancient history of spellwork that it was good to draw from during spell creation. It was, on occasion, difficult to find the right incantation for a spell; usually the incantation was tied to the purpose of the spell, but depending on the language, the effectiveness could vary severely. Many people turned to Latin or Ancient Greek, but Aaron had found on more than one occasion that other older languages were just as, if not more, useful. Unfortunately, because Aaron only knew the Roman alphabet, he did need to find transliterated dictionaries, which could be difficult.

Anyway, that was why Aaron was currently perusing the languages section of the library. Circe had decided to follow him from his office to the library, batting at his shoelaces all the way there. The silver-gray tabby had been growing, although not a ridiculous amount; it looked likely that she would be a smallish cat.


Pulling a book off the shelf, Aaron checked to make sure it was a transliterated dictionary. It was, so the Spellwork professor turned, walking out of the shelves in search of a reading spot. He wanted to take notes, so probably a table was a thing he wanted. There were several tables occupied by students at this time on a Saturday, but after some searching he found one in a far corner of the library, half-tucked behind the section on magical creatures. Aside from several copies of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there was also a copy of The Monster Book of Monsters (firmly belted shut, much to its dismay) and at least two copies of A Field Guide to the Watery Realms, among other things. Magical creatures wasn’t really Aaron’s forte, although he supposed if he wanted to learn more, this would be the place to do it.

Opening the dictionary, Aaron began to search for a few words, finding to his delight that this dictionary also talked about basic Babylonian grammar. He should get around to learning the language, he really should.

After several minutes of this, Aaron heard a voice.

”Is anyone sitting here?”

“No, you’re fine,” the Spellwork professor said absent-mindedly, scribbling something illegibly in Latin on a piece of parchment to his left.

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