That’s okay, I don’t quit
Tue Apr 10, 2018 17:33

Drew had sort of been hoping for something… more different than the last event. He considered the idea. On the one hand, it was hard to figure out dates when you couldn’t go to Pearl Street. RMI was just a school, so not the most romantic setting. So flying a carpet together at night by candlelight was a way more romantic option than anything he could think of. Plus the last flying carpets thing had gone pretty well for Drew.

But on the other hand, it would be kind of lame to ask Darlene on a date to the same exact event they had gone to the last time they spent one-on-one time together. He wanted to be creative and impress her. It was just hard because most of the activities they could do at school, like climbing the rock wall or going swimming, didn’t seem like things that Darlene would like. She seemed more like she would like going out to a fancy dinner or something like that… hmm. Maybe he could figure something out. He had an in with the chefs at RMI.

Anyway back to Satveer’s idea. Drew also wasn’t sure how appealing that event would be to, like, the rest of the school. Besides the seventh years (who were all dating each other again, except not Marissa this time, which was weird because Drew was pretty sure she was the most popular person in school) he didn’t think there were other couples at RMI. And of the couples that existed, probably not all of them would want to do flying carpets for Valentine’s Day. Then again, less of a crowd would probably be better for something like this, so maybe that was fine.

He appreciated Satveer’s offer to organize something just so that Drew could impress the girl he liked, though. Satveer was more all right than Drew had given him credit for in the past. He’d never had anyone basically offer to be his wingman before. “Maybe,” Drew said noncommittally, sort of encouraging but not too enthusiastic about the idea. “What about you? Anyone you’d wanna take to a couples thing?”

  • I can be very trying! - Satveer, Tue Apr 10 09:18
    With Drew’s indication of “Maybe someday soon” , Satveer surmised that the CD wasn’t necessarily a token of love, but more of an attempt at some sort of peacocking. Satveer couldn’t help but imagine... more
    • That’s okay, I don’t quit - Drew, Tue Apr 10 17:33
      • I possibly ought to. - Satveer, Fri Apr 13 06:56
        Drew’s noncommittal “maybe” was potentially the out Satveer needed. If he didn't have the audience, then he didn't need to plan it. Placing the Kit issue to one side, the logistics of such an event,... more
        • Never give up, never surrender - Drew, Sun Apr 22 23:13
          “ Nah. ” Well, so much for talking about crushes. Drew had a bunch of friends, but he couldn’t really talk to any of them about this. If he tried to talk to Kit about Darlene, she just called her a... more
          • Satveer was very fond of music, so much so that his initial reaction to Drew’s question was to grin. “I like alot of music” he paused, realising his sentence needed clarification. “Or at least, I... more
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