The Library
Close your eyes...or don't - it won't matter
Tue Apr 10, 2018 19:55

It went without saying that the Library was the best place in the school for studying. The shelves held a wide range of books on both Magical and Muggle topics for easy reference, the tables were always large enough for group work, and the scattering of plush armchairs was strategic to help those who needed isolation to focus (or to break for a nap in between their hard work).

However, something had changed this morning.

Upon entering the Library, the first thing one would notice was nothing. Nothing at all. The room was completely dark, as if abandoned. All lamps were snuffed out, and the several large fireplaces, normally roaring with flames, were bare and empty. The only light came from the windows, but even this was extremely faint, as the curtains were drawn and only allowed the tiniest pinpoints of sunlight through.

If one attempted to brighten the place up, whether by turning on a lamp, casting Lumos, striking a match, or trying to open the curtains, they would quickly find their efforts to be in vain. The Library itself seemed to be rejecting light. No type of magical or mundane activity could repair it. No charm would re-light the fireplaces and not even the hardest yank would budge the curtains.

Now, all that was left was for some lucky staff or students to discover what had happened…

    • Yeah, doesn't matter to me. - Russell Drew, Sat Apr 14 13:13
      Even if he hadn’t been visually impaired, the chances that Russell would have noticed something different upon first stepping out from behind the fiction shelf were minimal. And since he was visually ... more
      • It does matter to me though - Connor Farnon, Sat Apr 14 14:41
        Reconciling with Claudia was a relief, and Connor had gone out of his way since their conversation to make sure that his friend felt supported and well-attended-to. He felt truly terrible that he had ... more
        • Would be great if it mattered less - Russell, Sun Apr 15 22:50
          Apparently Connor wasn’t going to concede so easily. Then again, he shouldn’t have envisioned the younger boy as taking him at his word and going easily on his way. The younger Cetus was as... more
          • For whom? - Connor, Tue May 8 18:53
            Once the voice in the darkness spoke for longer, Connor realized who it was. Not because he recognized it, but because he recognized the sort of hesitant assertiveness that was unique to the Cetus... more
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