I possibly ought to.
Fri Apr 13, 2018 06:56

Drew’s noncommittal “maybe” was potentially the out Satveer needed. If he didn't have the audience, then he didn't need to plan it. Placing the Kit issue to one side, the logistics of such an event, in such a short amount of time, were infeasible. With only one carpet, he would have to arrange scheduled flights. But then, scheduled flights meant a time limit on courtship and that seemed a little mean. He could write home and possibly ask for his mother's carpet as a loaner, but that in itself could lead to more problems because what if the carpet got damaged. The event wasn’t even a thing and and Satveer had found himself over thinking it. This is why we now think before we speak

Satveer stood and pondered Drew’s question. Whilst the idea of taking someone to a ‘couples thing’ sounded like the right thing to do, he wasn’t quite sure what a couples do on so called dates. Satveer’s family had mixed views on dating. On one hand, his father’s family were very much about tradition, including arranged marriages. On the other hand, Satveer’s mother’s family were more open and only arranged them by request. Both however were ok with the children dating in their early teens. However, there were clear defined rules to be followed. The family's saw it as a way for the young adults to grow as people, and develop the essential skills required to have a successful home lives. Satveer’s brother wasn’t much older than Satveer was now when we went on his first “date”. Whilst Satveer wasn’t to aufey with the details, he knew It ended up with his brother getting slapped because he did something the older boys told him to do, and it wasn’t… well received. Even now Satveer didn’t know what his brother did or said that caused such a reaction. Infact, Satveer only knew about it because his sister had used it as leverage his brother for a couple of years. One evening, just before Satveer started RMI, his sister let the leverage slip at a dinner time when his two siblings bickering over something. It didn’t go down well with their father and it resulted in all three of them getting the dating lecture, again.

If two people were to partake in a ‘couples thing’, To Satveer, that meant that the two individuals were, to some degree, romantically interacting. Even if it were declaring their intent, like Drew, that still counted. By his count, Satveer was no more romantically connected to Drew, than he were to Kit (or any of his female peers). The realisation resulted in a simple smile and shrug, “Nah”.

Satveer went quiet and his posture relaxed a little as he readied himself to leave Drew to his CDs. “I don’t know what kind of songs you’re using, but Love in Venice by Vivaldi always makes me smile. There is a modern take on it that is really cool.”

  • That’s okay, I don’t quit - Drew, Tue Apr 10 17:33
    Drew had sort of been hoping for something… more different than the last event. He considered the idea. On the one hand, it was hard to figure out dates when you couldn’t go to Pearl Street. RMI was... more
    • I possibly ought to. - Satveer, Fri Apr 13 06:56
      • Never give up, never surrender - Drew, Sun Apr 22 23:13
        “ Nah. ” Well, so much for talking about crushes. Drew had a bunch of friends, but he couldn’t really talk to any of them about this. If he tried to talk to Kit about Darlene, she just called her a... more
        • Satveer was very fond of music, so much so that his initial reaction to Drew’s question was to grin. “I like alot of music” he paused, realising his sentence needed clarification. “Or at least, I... more
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