Russell Drew
Yeah, doesn't matter to me.
Sat Apr 14, 2018 13:13

Even if he hadn’t been visually impaired, the chances that Russell would have noticed something different upon first stepping out from behind the fiction shelf were minimal. And since he was visually impaired, the only thing he really registered for an initial minute or two was the stillness of the library, for once matching the quiet of the passageways. Normally he took a little more care when crossing the grounds by these more private routes, preferring not to alert more students to the school’s secret if at all possible. The passageways were a rare sanctuary for someone like him. But he hadn’t heard any signs of life in his brief pause before exiting… although another way to phrase that was that he’d heard signs of non-life, which was, as he had discovered, a pretty gaping hole of sound.

Russell was distracted. Had been distracted ever since the end of December, when he’d found -- well. Jaws had technically been Jaws the Third, making this his third time losing a mouse, however it was still a time unlike any previous. It was his first time not literally losing a mouse (either to parents skeptical of rat-like qualities or to an opportunistic bird of prey). Future Russell might be able to see the natural death as a good thing, but Current Russell was still upset by the image of that discovery. He couldn’t shake it from his memory.

Still, he had been getting back into the rhythm of term as best as he could, that was to say, not very good at all but better than nothing. He’d totally forgotten to attend Quidditch practice last week, which wasn’t great considering he was still the Cetus team captain for some reason and had scheduled the practice himself. He’d also turned in a Magical Sciences paper to the History of Magic homework bin by mistake, although fortunately his mumbled, details-excluded apologies had been accepted by both professors. Well, specifically, Professor Taylor had accepted it (adding a pointed reminder to pay more attention) and Professor Boot had responded with an even mumblier mumble that he wasn’t completely sure was even English.

Somehow along these failures, he had made a random burst of progress on his Animagus work. Not a particularly impressive burst and he definitely he wasn’t going to be leaving his skin for a while yet, if ever, but in their first meeting back from break, he had managed to cast several of the charms on Professor McKindy’s list both wandlessly and nonverbally, which he had never accomplished before. Whether that was because slumping about his day and avoiding much interaction beyond the unavoidable with his Housemates (some of whom he didn’t feel particularly invested in avoiding) had bolstered his mental reserves, or for… some other reason he couldn’t think of but that probably made way more sense than just correlating ‘moping internally’ with ‘magicking internally’, Russell had no idea.

Russell did have an idea, however, of why the library felt so liveless. His two minutes of vacant pacing towards where he knew the main desk was were up as soon as he rounded the corner to realize firstly that the librarian wasn’t there, and secondly that his sunglasses were still on top of his head, never pulled back down after leaving the passageways.

“Huh.” Birth-certificate-green eyes blinked in the darkness. It wasn’t too dark for him to see. All Russell really needed was a little bit of light and there was indeed a very little bit poking from the cracks at curtains and door. That was enough for him to get around; he’d got by on less at home over the break, having preferred to shut everything off in the basement and be alone there as much as possible. But this in the school library was unexpected. Was the library just closed for the day or something? He hadn’t seen any announcements, but it was the only option that made sense.

Someone opened the main door, causing the crack of light to stretch further from the bright hallway beyond. The tall Californian stepped closer to see who it was, flipping his sunglasses down as he turned to face the much more painfully-lit (normally-lit) hall. “Hey. Library’s closed today... I was just returning a book,” he added, anticipating further questions and gesturing vaguely with the Applied Technomancy text in his hand to hopefully prevent them. With any luck, the other person would accept it and leave, and then he could be alone here. That would be ideal.

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    • Yeah, doesn't matter to me. - Russell Drew, Sat Apr 14 13:13
      • It does matter to me though - Connor Farnon, Sat Apr 14 14:41
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          • For whom? - Connor, Tue May 8 18:53
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