Connor Farnon
It does matter to me though
Sat Apr 14, 2018 14:41

Reconciling with Claudia was a relief, and Connor had gone out of his way since their conversation to make sure that his friend felt supported and well-attended-to. He felt truly terrible that he had misconstrued Claudia’s perfectly reasonable need to withdraw her specific attentions from him at the end of last term, and was dedicated to making that up to her in whatever way would suit her best. Given the situation with Claudia’s older brother’s choices, Connor knew that might involve him speaking sternly to an upperclassman, but he was sure that should she ask it of him, he could fulfill the request. He had never approved of Holland Keene, despite Dade’s bizarre and worrying obsession with him, and now that Holland had been so terrible to Claudia, Connor was absolutely done entertaining his oddities, including the insistence that other people use ‘they’ as a pronoun to refer to him. It was absolutely mortifying.

Of course, Connor was also thankful that, for as wild and incorrigible as Rose was, she had thus far managed to display far better taste in dating partners than her peers. Actually, now that Connor thought about it, his older sister didn’t spend a lot of time dating or talking about dating. He suspected it would stay that way, and was perfectly happy for that; the last thing he needed was to have to feel as embarrassed about his older sibling as Claudia did about hers. Not that he would ever bring such a thing up, of course. He didn’t want Claudia to feel more self-conscious than she already did, particularly with the terrible and unfair punishment that had been meted out by Aaron McKindy, who of all people should have been least permitted to intervene in Claudia’s disagreement with Holland, since it was clear that he would be biased and take the freak side rather than the side of polite society.

Smoothing down his robes, which were left open to reveal neat khakis and a dark blue polo shirt underneath, Connor quickly approached the library. He was stopping by to pick up a book that he needed for a Cultural Studies project and didn’t plan to spend much time there. The library was a place that his siblings spent quite a bit of time in, and Connor was more than pleased to avoid them when possible. Things had been odd between him and Dade since his fight with Andrew last year, and his younger brother had additionally made it clear that he did not support Claudia when it came to the situation with Holland, even though it was obvious that Holland was the party at fault.

Connor opened the door to the library and blinked. The lights were off - that seemed odd.

“Hey. Library’s closed today... I was just returning a book.”

Squinting, the fourth-year tried to figure out who was standing inside the library. The voice sounded familiar, but he couldn’t place it. The voice was masculine, but not his brother and not Nolan, or Claudia’s new friend Caleb. Probably someone he was in a class with, but not someone he spent a lot of time with. Anyway, it wasn’t Huburt or Holland so Connor supposed it couldn’t be that bad.

“Are you sure?” Connor asked, a little suspiciously. “I didn’t see anything posted about the library being closed, and I think that the administration would have informed us.”

  • Yeah, doesn't matter to me. - Russell Drew, Sat Apr 14 13:13
    Even if he hadn’t been visually impaired, the chances that Russell would have noticed something different upon first stepping out from behind the fiction shelf were minimal. And since he was visually ... more
    • It does matter to me though - Connor Farnon, Sat Apr 14 14:41
      • Would be great if it mattered less - Russell, Sun Apr 15 22:50
        Apparently Connor wasn’t going to concede so easily. Then again, he shouldn’t have envisioned the younger boy as taking him at his word and going easily on his way. The younger Cetus was as... more
        • For whom? - Connor, Tue May 8 18:53
          Once the voice in the darkness spoke for longer, Connor realized who it was. Not because he recognized it, but because he recognized the sort of hesitant assertiveness that was unique to the Cetus... more
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