Would be great if it mattered less
Sun Apr 15, 2018 22:50

Apparently Connor wasn’t going to concede so easily. Then again, he shouldn’t have envisioned the younger boy as taking him at his word and going easily on his way. The younger Cetus was as rules-abiding as their House stereotype - barring that fistfight chaos in the commons last year - but his role in that might count as another example of how he would too willingly challenge others, regardless of said others being obviously in the right. Even if Russell had had the time (or interest) to construct a believable sorry we’re closed sign and backstory, Connor would have questioned him anyways in that same skeptical tone. He was as certain of that as he was of the inevitable sideways criticism that would come, possibly during this same interaction, about having missed his own Quidditch practice.

Yeah, he really didn’t deserve the captaincy. Or his Prefect badge. What was he even doing, lying to a younger student about the library’s opening hours? And all because he needed wanted to be alone. Such a lame excuse. But here he was anyways, and although Russell knew logically that it would be painless enough to redact and admit something more unusual than a library closure was going on here, he also knew that there was a kind of logic to holding his position. He might not deserve either of his roles of questionable authority at RMI, but he still had to be listened to by the younger students. Or something like that.

“Really?” His acknowledgement of Connor’s critique wasn’t intoned quite properly to count as an actual question. “Sorry, you must have missed the notice. It’s closed today.” That was assertive enough, right? “I assume it’ll be open like usual tomorrow.” Okay that was less than assertive, but Russell brushed it off as casually as he could, tacking on a (non)explanatory “I don’t get all the details, I’m just Prefect.” Good enough. From a mix of observation and being in earshot of Heather Bartel’s incomprehensibly enthusiastic running commentary from his seat two rows back in Cultural Studies, he understood that Connor and Rose were on the outs and Connor and Holland had never been on the ins, so he surely wouldn’t go fact-checking to the Head Students. And true, the staff were still an option, but they always had been. Nothing he could do about that. No point worrying. He would worry anyways, of course, but still, no point to it.

Taking a couple steps forward, closer to the front desk, Russell leaned over to slide his book into the returns compartment and then looked over to Connor again. “Did you, um, need something?” he offered tentatively. He was unwilling to prolong this (non)conversation but equally unwilling to make the fourth-year even more critical of him, and being polite seemed a possible option to help prevent that, or more realistically, to slow down its incline. “We shouldn’t stay long,” and there went the excuse he hadn’t thought of yet for staying behind in the library, but at least he had the passageways, “but if you just needed a quick in and out…”

  • It does matter to me though - Connor Farnon, Sat Apr 14 14:41
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    • Would be great if it mattered less - Russell, Sun Apr 15 22:50
      • For whom? - Connor, Tue May 8 18:53
        Once the voice in the darkness spoke for longer, Connor realized who it was. Not because he recognized it, but because he recognized the sort of hesitant assertiveness that was unique to the Cetus... more
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