For whom?
Tue May 8, 2018 18:53

Once the voice in the darkness spoke for longer, Connor realized who it was. Not because he recognized it, but because he recognized the sort of hesitant assertiveness that was unique to the Cetus Quidditch Captain - it was a tone he heard in practise quite frequently. Connor had considered dropping his involvement in the Cetus Quidditch team, as he had only really been involved at Claudia’s behest and Claudia had seemed disinterested in being much more than an acquaintance, but now Connor was glad that he hadn’t. It showed a bit of sticktoitiveness that Connor knew he had perhaps been failing to display well in other areas. It had been his thought that giving Claudia the space she had requested following the events of last term had been respectful, but rather he had misconstrued the entire thing and had made himself look a bit like a dolt, and hurt his friend in the process. It was good that there was something in which he was demonstrating his character.

However, Connor was always a bit skeptical of Russell. He didn’t seem to be quite all there, and his competence as a Quidditch captain and as a Prefect was something Connor would feel comfortable calling into question, should the issue arise. Personally, Connor was quite certain that he would do a better job as Prefect than Russell. Of course, Prefectship for Cetus House would be going to Claudia next term - given his behaviour of the previous term, that was only to be expected. As it was a position that Connor had somewhat aspired to, but had always recognized he had more than fair competition for. He felt appropriately chastened when he considered the actions he had taken that had resulted in the inevitable loss of that leadership role within the school. Of course, his father would not fault him for the situation - Charles Farnon had said as much - but Connor himself could have done with the acknowledgement of his contribution, particularly given how much more adept at academics both of his siblings were.

And despite Connor’s personal opinions about Russell, the older boy was Prefect and was invoking that particular status when it came to being an authority about the status of the library. Connor supposed he could have missed a notice on the bulletin board in the Commons. He didn’t remember how much attention he had been paying on his way out of Cetus, and he would admit to sometimes failing when it came to matters of details - something that contributed to his upper-mediocre school performance.

“I just need a book,” the fourth-year said, a little placatingly. He didn’t want to get in trouble with a House Prefect, even if it was Russell. Connor could go back to the library the next day, and perhaps get assistance locating the book, but he had wanted to get the errand done as soon as possible, and preferably in a time where the library was less populated. Although it was clear to the people in Cultural Studies that he was taking that class (and no few of them had commented on the oddness of that fact, something that Connor had grumpily endured with no real response to) Connor did not want it to be common knowledge that Professor Blair’s influence had done anything other than make him regret getting into the fight with Andrew last term. Obviously Russell was already aware of that fact, though. “Perhaps you could assist me?” Connor inquired, politely. “It’s just one book, it oughtn’t take very long.”

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    Apparently Connor wasn’t going to concede so easily. Then again, he shouldn’t have envisioned the younger boy as taking him at his word and going easily on his way. The younger Cetus was as... more
    • For whom? - Connor, Tue May 8 18:53
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