Caleb Taylor
Boy on a mission (Claudia Dubois)
Tue May 15, 2018 17:44

Caleb had been mulling over what he felt for Claudia since he had accidentally admitted to Nolan that he had been looking forward to see her after midterm. The blonde was a bit embarrassed to admit, even to himself, that he was crushing on the younger girl, but as time passed he found himself admitting the truth: he liked Claudia Dubois. He had spent most of his midterm thinking about her and he had even gotten her a christmas present, but he had been too much of a coward to actually sent it. The wood carved box was still stashed away in his bedroom, and Caleb didn't know if he was going to give it to her. The situation was too awkward, if he was honest.

The fifth-year looked at his reflection on the mirror of his room to to make sure he looked okay before heading out to look for Claudia. The blonde wasn't a vain person, but he was well aware that he was good looking. His blonde hair was combed, he was using newer jeans with a white button-down shirt, complete with some beige loafers. After a lot of exchanged owls with his mother, he had made the resolution to ask Claudia out. His mother had given him great advice on how to treat a girl, and even when he had been embarrassed to ask his mother for advice, he really didn't know who to ask.

Caleb looked at the hour and decided to look for Claudia at the Library. She was probably there, but it she wasn't there were still some places he could look for her. The blonde entered the Library with a silver box under his arm and started to look for the younger girl. His grey-eyes found her in a table by herself, surrounded by books. He smiled and headed towards where she was.

“Hey,” he greeted her before sitting down next to her. He offered her the silver box. “I thought you might want a snack,” he said with a smile. He had bought her dark chocolate with ginger. He knew he liked that. “Are you too busy?” he inquired as he leaned to see what she was doing. “I wanted to ask you something. It will just take a minute,” he finished with a smile, but he was sure a traitorous blush was starting to light up hi face.

    • How might I assist? - Claudia Dubois, Wed May 16 08:46
      Claudia felt very unsettled. This term, every time she felt she had a handle on the ridiculous situation in which she found herself, something else happened to send her thoughts and emotions... more
      • Just say yes - Caleb, Thu May 17 12:11
        His blue-eyes looked at Claudia for a second before feeling the rush reflect on his face. The fifth-year could feel his heart thumping on his chest and he was sure everyone in the Library could hear... more
        • Perhaps - Claudia, Fri May 18 15:39
          Increasingly Claudia was using outfits and cosmetics as tools for concealment: they had developed from an extension of self expression to a mask, designed to let the world know she was considerably... more
          • I'll cling to the hope! - Caleb, Sun May 20 16:24
            The blonde fifth-year did not know what to expect from his invitation. Yes, he wanted to ge to know Claudia better, without the interference of people around them. That just made things awkward and... more
            • Optimism or foolishness? - Claudia, Mon May 21 08:36
              She was not sure what she had expected Caleb to say - perhaps an assurance that he would not consider jeopardising her reputation, or maybe more brazenly tempt her into risking propriety with details ... more
              • I think the latter - Caleb, Mon May 21 17:10
                The smile on his face faltered in an instant. He sighed and took a deep breath. He wasn't annoyed with Claudia, he was annoyed with himself. Caleb was nervous, really nervous and everything that had... more
                • We tried - Claudia, Tue May 22 14:31
                  Despite her own discomfort, Claudia was able to recognize that Caleb, too, no longer looked so confident. She had objectively turned him down for a date, which was a premise anecdotally associated... more
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