Claudia Dubois
How might I assist?
Wed May 16, 2018 08:46

Claudia felt very unsettled. This term, every time she felt she had a handle on the ridiculous situation in which she found herself, something else happened to send her thoughts and emotions spiraling. She was still nervous to walk through the corridors alone, but she did not want to appear too dependent on Connor and her other friends. When she was heading to class it was easier to walk alongside one of the few people in which she could still place some trust, but when she needed to frequent places that would necessitate asking for assistance, for example when she planned library study at a time Connor was not able to accompany her, Claudia walked swiftly with her wand in her hand, convinced that at any moment someone else might decide to launch an attack on her for no good reason.

She did not think she would ever become accustomed to being fearful in the place she was forced to call home for most of the year, but she had adjusted accordingly. The fourth year was still having nightmares, however, and then she had received a short exchange of letters with Marley, which had done nothing whatsoever to improve her emotional instability. On receiving Marley’s second letter, Claudia had taken it to her room (one of the younger Cetus girls had passed it to her; she had been correct about not receiving mail from Mister Sprockets again, even though the note itself was unexpected), read it on her bed, and cried without respite for the remainder of the day. Across all their previous arguments and disagreements, Marley had never been so mean to her before. Claudia had not even done anything to warrant such ill-treatment, let alone from someone who had claimed to care for her wellbeing. It was wretchedly unfair, and the list of people who had betrayed her over the past few months, which now included Marley’s name, was increasing with heart-breaking fluidity.

There were precious few people on whom Claudia could depend these days. One of them was approaching her now as she worked on a Spellwork assignment. Her grades had already begun to slip since - since that boggart class, and after receiving the second note from Marley, Claudia had skipped a few of their shared classes, unable to tolerate even being in the same room as a person who would go out of her way to make someone know how little she valued their existence - Claudia couldn’t believe she had been hoping they would be friends again; she had been so insipidly naive - which was not doing a great deal to improve her scores. Furthermore she had two evenings a week dedicated to detention, during which she was unable to complete her class assignments. It was perhaps fortuitous that she was not involved in many extra curricular activities: since midterm she had summoned sufficient courage to attend dueling club unaccompanied (at least she had developed greater independence since Marley had withdrawn her offer of friendship), but over the past few meetings everyone had seemed either unwilling to duel her, or far too eager, so Claudia had resorted to practicing on her own.

So with slipping grades, skipping classes, being terrified of being assaulted whenever she was alone, nightmares about being set aflame, massively conflicting emotions concerning just about everyone to whom she had ever felt close, general rejection from the student population and the concern that even after her hellish school days were over she had nothing to look forward to but ruin and disgrace thanks to Dardanius, Claudia had reverted to her old habit of biting her fingernails. The tip of every finger was bleeding, known only to Claudia as she kept her hands permanently concealed within a selection of silk or lace gloves. Nevertheless she lowered her hands below the table out of sight as Caleb joined her.

“I can make time for you,” Claudia replied, smiling as he seated himself beside her. She was always pleased to be around a friend, now more than ever before. He had even brought along one of her favorite treats, which was very thoughtful and generous of him. She thanked him, very appreciative of the gesture. Claudia was trying not to appear too downhearted in front of her peers, despite her appropriate melancholy, although evidently Caleb was committed to keeping her spirits up, anyway. “What is it you want to ask?”

  • Boy on a mission (Claudia Dubois) - Caleb Taylor, Tue May 15 17:44
    Caleb had been mulling over what he felt for Claudia since he had accidentally admitted to Nolan that he had been looking forward to see her after midterm. The blonde was a bit embarrassed to admit,... more
    • How might I assist? - Claudia Dubois, Wed May 16 08:46
      • Just say yes - Caleb, Thu May 17 12:11
        His blue-eyes looked at Claudia for a second before feeling the rush reflect on his face. The fifth-year could feel his heart thumping on his chest and he was sure everyone in the Library could hear... more
        • Perhaps - Claudia, Fri May 18 15:39
          Increasingly Claudia was using outfits and cosmetics as tools for concealment: they had developed from an extension of self expression to a mask, designed to let the world know she was considerably... more
          • I'll cling to the hope! - Caleb, Sun May 20 16:24
            The blonde fifth-year did not know what to expect from his invitation. Yes, he wanted to ge to know Claudia better, without the interference of people around them. That just made things awkward and... more
            • Optimism or foolishness? - Claudia, Mon May 21 08:36
              She was not sure what she had expected Caleb to say - perhaps an assurance that he would not consider jeopardising her reputation, or maybe more brazenly tempt her into risking propriety with details ... more
              • I think the latter - Caleb, Mon May 21 17:10
                The smile on his face faltered in an instant. He sighed and took a deep breath. He wasn't annoyed with Claudia, he was annoyed with himself. Caleb was nervous, really nervous and everything that had... more
                • We tried - Claudia, Tue May 22 14:31
                  Despite her own discomfort, Claudia was able to recognize that Caleb, too, no longer looked so confident. She had objectively turned him down for a date, which was a premise anecdotally associated... more
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