Just say yes
Thu May 17, 2018 12:11

His blue-eyes looked at Claudia for a second before feeling the rush reflect on his face. The fifth-year could feel his heart thumping on his chest and he was sure everyone in the Library could hear it. Why was he so nervous? Claudia had never been other than nice and ALMOST perfect. Yes, he knew from her and the RMI gossip grapevine about what had happened with Holland, her brother, and the fire with Dade Farnon. Caleb was of the idea that Claudia had gone a little too far with those spells, but she had not know the real reach of it. However, he did no condone people treating Claudia like a piranha over an issue that did not concern them. It was between her and Holland, and maybe even Danny, though Caleb was not sure he deserved to be called her brother. The blonde didnt understand how he had left his sister in the clutches of the school. Well, to his knowledge, anyway.

Caleb had made the resolution to help Claudia in anyway she needed, especially after a younger student had tried to fry her to a crisp. Why? He had no idea, but he also knew the younger witch needed protection. Not that his older brother was doing anything, apparently. Caleb was of the idea that Danny was a bit useless, even his Quidditch skills were questionable. How and why Danny Dubois was seen as one of the most popular wizards at school was something that the fifth-year did not understand. Yes, Claudia had her faults - not really - but she was a good friend and quite pretty.

The blonde took a deep breath and looked at Claudia. “I wanted to ask you out,” he said a bit shyly. “Just the two of us,” he made the clarification. They spent a lot of time together as a group, but Caleb wanted to see her outside their weird friend group, especially without Connor Farnon. “I was thinking Pearl Street,” he smiled. “What do you think?” Caleb hoped her response would be positive. He had a major crush on Claudia and he wanted to make her happy. The blue-eyed fifteen year old was surely blushing, but he didn't break eye contact with the girl besides him.

  • How might I assist? - Claudia Dubois, Wed May 16 08:46
    Claudia felt very unsettled. This term, every time she felt she had a handle on the ridiculous situation in which she found herself, something else happened to send her thoughts and emotions... more
    • Just say yes - Caleb, Thu May 17 12:11
      • Perhaps - Claudia, Fri May 18 15:39
        Increasingly Claudia was using outfits and cosmetics as tools for concealment: they had developed from an extension of self expression to a mask, designed to let the world know she was considerably... more
        • I'll cling to the hope! - Caleb, Sun May 20 16:24
          The blonde fifth-year did not know what to expect from his invitation. Yes, he wanted to ge to know Claudia better, without the interference of people around them. That just made things awkward and... more
          • Optimism or foolishness? - Claudia, Mon May 21 08:36
            She was not sure what she had expected Caleb to say - perhaps an assurance that he would not consider jeopardising her reputation, or maybe more brazenly tempt her into risking propriety with details ... more
            • I think the latter - Caleb, Mon May 21 17:10
              The smile on his face faltered in an instant. He sighed and took a deep breath. He wasn't annoyed with Claudia, he was annoyed with himself. Caleb was nervous, really nervous and everything that had... more
              • We tried - Claudia, Tue May 22 14:31
                Despite her own discomfort, Claudia was able to recognize that Caleb, too, no longer looked so confident. She had objectively turned him down for a date, which was a premise anecdotally associated... more
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