I think the latter
Mon May 21, 2018 17:10

The smile on his face faltered in an instant. He sighed and took a deep breath. He wasn't annoyed with Claudia, he was annoyed with himself. Caleb was nervous, really nervous and everything that had come out of his mouth sounded far worse than when he had actually thought. It was only logical for Claudia to recoil from him. He would to. Merlin, dating or attempting to date was too confusing and complicated.

His eyes instantly looked down to his hands which were nervously moving on top of his legs. He blinked thinking about how to make Claudia see his intentions with her with good? He tried to smile, but the disappointment was really hard to conceal. His hope had been too high for an endeavor that had seen fruitless since the beginning. Why had he thought that someone like Claudia would be interested in him? She was perfect and he was just Caleb. No fancy title nor money to his name. He had just thought that maybe she liked him enough as a friend to attempt it.

However, he did have the need to rephrase what he had said earlier. He was mortified to realize that his words had been construed differently than what he had meant, “I apologize for my forwardness,” he started. He finally looked up from his hands, “and badly worded invitation,” he continued. “I just wanted to distract you from everything by entertaining you with fun activities.” This time he made sure to stay away from her personal space, “I never meant to be disrespectful.”

Caleb had thought about a nice afternoon picnic in the park at Pearl Street, but now he had seen that as far as it went, he was just a friend for Claudia. “I understand, though,” he said with a sad smile. “I’ll be around if you need anything,” he said before getting up from his seat. A weird emotion started swirling all over his chest and the blonde didn't particularly liked it. “Enjoy the chocolate,” his smile looked less sad, but his eyes reflected the hurt of being rejected.

The blonde looked at Claudia, “Please don't tell the other about this,” he said. He didn't want to get more embarrassed, if it was possible. “Lets just pretend it didn't happen,” he pleaded. His eyes looking expectantly at the younger witch. He didn't want to be known as the guy that got rejected, especially since Heather loved spreading information around. Caleb didn't want to be the talk of the school.

  • Optimism or foolishness? - Claudia, Mon May 21 08:36
    She was not sure what she had expected Caleb to say - perhaps an assurance that he would not consider jeopardising her reputation, or maybe more brazenly tempt her into risking propriety with details ... more
    • I think the latter - Caleb, Mon May 21 17:10
      • We tried - Claudia, Tue May 22 14:31
        Despite her own discomfort, Claudia was able to recognize that Caleb, too, no longer looked so confident. She had objectively turned him down for a date, which was a premise anecdotally associated... more
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