Dade Farnon
Squeaking in at the last minute
Tue Jun 5, 2018 15:54

His exams were coming up and Dade was not even remotely ready for them. He had been skipping class more and more, and he had stopped asking Drew for notes because he felt awkward doing so. Drew’s handwriting was also pretty bad and his notes weren’t detailed in the way that Dade detailed his own notes, so it was hard for him to study off of, even copying things down into his own notebook. Dade had also been spending less time in the library and whenever he did go to the library, it was through the secret passageways and he never strayed too far from the entrance. Things were bad and they had gotten worse a couple of weeks ago when Marissa Kendrick had thrown a party. Dade hadn’t gone, for reasons that needed no explanation, but Kit and Drew had, and he was lucky that Kit had been there because she had told him something very important the next time she saw him.

At the party, Remington had been talking to Claudia, and Kit said it looked like they were being friends. In her own way, Kit had been concerned about the situation which was why she had told Dade. Admittedly, Dade was pretty sure that Kit didn’t understand everything that meant, because she was dumb as a troll sometimes, but he had appreciated the information.

The only thing that could mean, of course, was that Remington was spying on him for Claudia. And consequently, Dade had avoided Remington as much as possible, not making eye contact when they did come close to each other and quickly developing some excuse or other to leave. Knowing that Drew was skeptical of Dade’s interpretation of Claudia’s intentions the day of the fire, Dade hadn’t explained to Drew that Remington had switched sides. He didn’t explain to everyone. But that meant that he couldn’t use her notes, which left him with no other choice than to go to his older sister for help.

Dade had sent Rose a note asking her to meet him in the library, since that was easy for him to get to and relatively safe. Plus, Rose was almost always in the library anyway, so it wouldn’t be weird for her to be there. Not that Dade thought anyone was actually watching Rose to see when she was going to see Dade - that would be ridiculous and Dade wasn’t paranoid - but it still made him more comfortable. It was likely that his older sister was studying for IMPs anyway and if she was already studying it probably wouldn’t hurt for her to help him out, right?

Coming out of the area where the secret passageways let out, Dade looked around quickly to see where his sister was. It didn’t take him very long to locate her, since she was sitting at a very central table.

“Hey,” Dade said, coming up to his older sister. “Could we um. Could we move? To somewhere quieter?”

Without waiting for a reply, he started walking back into the depths of the stacks, looking for a more secluded place to have a conversation.

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