One of my best customers!
Sat Jan 21, 2017 08:41

Wyatt blinked when Leo asked if he had even thought about being in a band before tapping out a beat on the desk. The boy continued and talked about how he wasn’t cut out for a drummer, and no one remembered the drummer so the drums would be perfect for him. Wyatt mentally added a tax of two sickles to the assignment Leo wanted to be done, the dumbass tax Wyatt had casually named it.

“We are in the library” Wyatt hissed at him. “Be quiet.” The third year boy glanced around glad to see no one had minded the beat. “Merlin kid, this is supposed to draw less attention to us.” He knew he’d get in a ton of trouble if they found out he was writing essays and doing homework for other students.

Wyatt then turned to his calendar where all due dates for assignments were put. The potions one would be due in two days. He sighed another tax for hurried worked. “Alright, what grade are we looking for?” Wyatt asked with a raised eyebrows. “For the busy time of year, we are talking three galleons and three sickles for outstanding work. For exceeds expectations work its two Galleons and two Sickles. Acceptable is one two Galleon and two sickles.”

Most kids took the one Galleon but sometimes they sprang for the higher work and Wyatt could prove he could get all of those grades out of their professors. Plus for Outstanding and Exceeds work he promised a partial refund if they didn’t get the grade they wanted.

  • Make way for a regular - Leopold Harris, Wed Jan 18 17:18
    Leopold avoided libraries. It was his experience that not only did he not like them libraries didn’t like him much either. It was almost like they sensed he was a slacker the moment he walked in.... more
    • One of my best customers! - Wyatt, Sat Jan 21 08:41
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