Rose Farnon
Yep, last minute is my jam
Tue Jun 5, 2018 15:54

The decision about where she was going to go to school was eating Rose up. She had never expected to be so torn about this decision because she had worked so hard to get into Harvard, but at the end of the day they hadn’t offered her a whole lot of money and because it was a bigger school, Rose knew that she wouldn’t have the research opportunities available to her as immediately as if she went to Tift. Tift, which had given her almost a full ride and where she had a research mentor just waiting for her to enroll - but Tift, that wasn’t Harvard. Tift, that was in one of the southern American states where it was unlikely Holland would visit, where Emmett couldn’t go because it was an all-girls’ school. Not that it was plausible that Emmett would get into Harvard, but there were plenty of less good schools in the area. Ones like Adams, which Marissa had applied and gotten in to.

It was the last thing Marissa had told Rose about before their fight. It was such a stupid fight and as usual, this was all because of the stupid transfers. If Myffi hadn’t convinced Marissa to kiss her - if Myffi hadn’t given Marissa alcohol and gotten Rose’s best friend to kiss her, this wouldn’t have happened. And how dare Myffi? Rose had gone out of her way to be nice to her even though she had been really rude about Holland. Rose had even gone to Myffi’s stupid little farm club sometimes to help out and be supportive. She hadn’t hexed Myffi once, even when the girl was being annoyingly chirpy and Welsh, just like their Headmaster. Despite how welcoming Rose had been, Myffi had still kissed her best friend and ruined everything. Just like a transfer. If Rose wasn’t leaving imminently, she would have started petitioning the Headmaster to just disallow transfers. It would solve so many problems.

But Holland had made a couple of good points when the two seventh-years had opened their letters together. Rose would begrudgingly admit that she might have misinterpreted what Marissa said, but she still felt like Marissa had openly chosen Myffi over her. And that was something that hurt, even if Rose wouldn’t admit it to anyone but her cat. They had been best friends for so long, until the transfers had started poking their unattractive noses into the group. Then everything had been ruined, and Marissa had decided that Myffi and Russell were more important than Rose. Even if Marissa was afraid that uni was going to change everything, that didn’t mean she had to make everything change now.

After staring at the blank page in her notebook for so long, Rose was shaken out of her contemplation by the voice of her youngest brother. She looked up, her hazel eyes meeting his, then grinned. If she ruffled his hair he’d probably be mad and he was kind of having a hard time of it, so Rose decided not to. It was kind of a surprise when Dade asked to go to a less populated section of the library just to study, but Rose supposed that he might be feeling awkward about asking his older sister for help. Boys had a weird sense of pride about that sort of thing.

“Yeah sure,” Rose said, packing up quickly then slinging her paisley owl bag over her shoulder and following Dade into the stacks. She had traded in her normal chunky black boots for chunky black boots with square heels, and if the floor hadn’t been carpeted Rose was sure they would have made a particularly satisfying noise. They made her a few inches taller which kept her about on par with Dade, who had grown way too much in the past few years. In Rose’s opinion, the boots looked particularly excellent with the black skirt (that might have been slightly too short) and the fitted, dark purple top that completed her outfit. They finally reached the place that Dade was headed towards and Rose was not pleased to see that there was no table, and that Dade clearly expected her to sit on the floor. She scowled.

“Can’t we go somewhere else?” Rose complained. “There’s no light here and nothing to sit at or on. If this is how you’ve been trying to study, it’s definitely not helping.”

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    • Yep, last minute is my jam - Rose Farnon, Tue Jun 5 15:54
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              Suddenly, everything was clearer than it had been all year. Rose didn’t understand what was going on with Dade. She wasn’t sure Holland understood what was going on with Dade. The seventh-year was... more
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