Coming up with clever ways to talk to myself isnt'
Wed Jun 6, 2018 07:35

With a scowl, Dade looked back at Rose. This was one of his favorite corners of the library. He knew that the light could be better and he knew there weren’t any tables, but there were spells for light and he didn’t need a table anyway. It wasn’t hard to write on a notebook, or even brace the notebook against the cover of a book. The part that was appealing when it came to this area of the library was that practically nobody came here. The shelves around them were full of dusty old tomes about some obscure area of History of Magic that nobody had ever cared about, as was evidenced by the undisturbed dust. They had probably been here for years and years, without anyone even taking a glance at them except Dade. That was something he liked. Privacy.

At the same time though, Rose was helping him with his STOATs and Dade did appreciate that. He knew Rose was busy and he really did need to pass his exams, and just staring at the notes he’d copied from Drew or the textbooks that theoretically held all of the information they would be tested on wasn’t really helping. Still, he didn’t want to go back to the parts of the library that would be populated, or places he might run into people he didn’t want to run into.

“It’s quiet here,” the dark-haired boy pointed out. “There’s nothing distracting and nobody’s going to come bother me.” Not that he’d ever had a problem with distracting things before, but since Claudia had tried to attack him, Dade had been easily distracted. He had found it difficult to focus on school, even on the days he attended class. There was just a lot going on in Dade’s life and excuse him if he didn’t find Kit’s aunt’s class to be the most thrilling thing. He was a little too scared of Professor Boot to go to his class and not pay attention, though, so he had mostly been skipping History of Magic. Spellwork was the one class that Dade had gone to somewhat consistently, since he knew that Drew’s stepdad wasn’t going to put up with anything happening in that class. Drew’s stepdad was pretty nice, even if Dade was a little shy around him.

Deciding not to wait for Rose to argue with him, Dade sat down with his back against a wall, then reached into his blue backpack to pull out his Defense notebook. Despite all the extracurricular work that he and his friends had been doing for Defense, Dade still wasn’t comfortable with the actual work they’d done in class. This was, in part, because he was pretty sure that “Professor” Embers was just kind of making things up as she went along. Last year had been mostly creatures, and Dade couldn’t imagine that there were going to be loads of creatures on the exam he was sitting in just a few weeks. That just seemed impractical and besides, there was Magizoobotany for magical creatures and things.

“I need help in Defense, mostly,” Dade explained to Rose, offering her his notebook, which was ominously bare, relatively speaking. “I’m not really sure what we’ve been doing,” he neglected to mention his class attendance, “and even if I did know what we were doing I don’t know that the new professor knows anything about Defense anyway. I just can’t fail my exams.”

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    • Coming up with clever ways to talk to myself isnt' - Dade, Wed Jun 6 07:35
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            Suddenly, everything was clearer than it had been all year. Rose didn’t understand what was going on with Dade. She wasn’t sure Holland understood what was going on with Dade. The seventh-year was... more
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