Well I guess I put myself in this situation
Wed Jun 6, 2018 07:44

Although Rose was just about ready to move to a different area of the library, Dade sat down and pulled out his notebook. With a pointed sigh, Rose seated herself across from her brother. The skirt she was wearing was too short to be comfortably sitting on the floor, and with an annoyed flick of her wand she extended the length until it was a better fit for the activity she was apparently engaging in. She flipped through the notebook as Dade explained the situation, and made a face when he mentioned Marissa’s aunt. If Rose had the opportunity to drop Defense Against the Dark Arts after Cindra had been hired, she absolutely would have. The class was an utter joke now, where it had previously catered to things that Rose was good at. Even Dueling Club had turned into a waste of time, with Cindra running around trying to get them not to fire spells at each other, like she didn’t get that was the whole point of a dueling club.

“Yeah, Cindra’s an idiot,” Rose said. She paused at a page that had notes about banshees. It seemed like one of the more complete pages of notes in the book, and she wondered if there had been a guest lecturer or something that day. Overall, though, it looked like Dade’s notes were pretty bad and she understood how he was worried about the exams. Fortunately, Rose had kept her notes from beginners’ Defense (she kept her notes from everything, obviously, since she might have to reference them later) and she could loan those to Dade. In the meantime, Rose figured that the younger student might need a little bit of a pep talk.

“You just have to get through it,” the seventh-year said encouragingly. “The exams aren’t that bad and then once you’re done you’ll be home for the summer.” She would have guessed that going home would have been a relief to Dade, given everything that had happened at school this term. The Farnon estate was usually relatively quiet, especially since their father had started going to more events with Connor. There were plenty of places to be alone, which she knew Dade liked. And there was no Claudia Dubois, which Rose was sure would be something Dade looked forward to. To her surprise, though, Dade’s expression looked - upset? Rose was confused.

“Dade, what’s wrong?” she asked, looking at her brother with genuine concern. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. Let me help.” He had let her help less and less as he grew older, but given the amount of distress Dade looked to be in, Rose truly hoped he would make an exception to the standards set by his fourteen-year-old ego and let her in.

  • With a scowl, Dade looked back at Rose. This was one of his favorite corners of the library. He knew that the light could be better and he knew there weren’t any tables, but there were spells for... more
    • Well I guess I put myself in this situation - Rose, Wed Jun 6 07:44
      • So I did - Dade, Wed Jun 6 07:51
        Consciously, Dade knew that Rose was trying to reassure him but her words made him feel cold and anxious. He found himself breathing more shallowly than he usually did, and he clenched his fists... more
        • Shall I get myself out of it, then? - Rose, Wed Jun 6 07:56
          Suddenly, everything was clearer than it had been all year. Rose didn’t understand what was going on with Dade. She wasn’t sure Holland understood what was going on with Dade. The seventh-year was... more
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