So I did
Wed Jun 6, 2018 07:51

Consciously, Dade knew that Rose was trying to reassure him but her words made him feel cold and anxious. He found himself breathing more shallowly than he usually did, and he clenched his fists reflexively. Going home was the last thing that he wanted to talk about right now. It was the last thing he wanted to think about right now. It was even worse than the impending exams, because when he went home he knew that Rose wasn’t going to be there, and he knew that Connor and his father would be. Connor had already managed to corner him about the whole Claudia thing and Dade had only managed to escape that interaction because it had been done in the Diner and Connor wasn’t about to do anything in the Diner, even if his precious girlfriend told him to. Because Dade was sure that was what was happening. Connor was interested in Claudia so he did every little thing she told him to. Dade just didn’t want to find out what that looked like over the summer, when he didn’t have any way to escape. Plus, now his father was going to know about the whole - the thing.

Dade’s vision swam back and forth in front of him a little bit and then he took a deep breath and closed his eyes, then opened them again. His hazel eyes met Rose’s. HIs big sister had always been on his side, always. Why would now be different? She kind of knew about - about the thing he had only ever talked to Madeleine about. Kind of. Enough to tell Holland that they should talk to him. He looked down and fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. No, he had to tell her.

“Dad is mad at me,” the fourteen-year-old said, his borderline monotone belying how much anxiety he was feeling. “He’s mad because I hexed Claudia.” Dade almost paused, but then the rest of the words came out in a voice that was higher than his usual register. “I can’t go back home this summer. Connor is going to tell on me and then I’m going to be deeply in trouble and I won’t be able to come back to RMI. And you’re not going to be home to make sure I’m okay. And we’re not allowed to stay here over the summer.” The panic-bordering-hysteria was very clear now, despite how calmly he had started what he was trying to say.

Before Remington had switched sides, Dade had known that it was likely that she would have let him stay with her, if he asked. But now she was friends with Claudia and trying to spy on him, so it was just as dangerous as being around Connor. Maybe Drew and Madeleine would let him stay, but that sounded like a lot to ask. knew about Kit, but Dade wasn’t about to ask Kit anything of importance. She was in the middle of a project now, which meant she was focused on that and absolutely nothing else. Also, he was pretty sure that if he actually spent more time than he did with Kit, he would probably kill her. Dade was used to peace and quiet, once you learned to ignore or avoid Rose arguing loudly with their father. But Dade couldn’t ask because then there would have to be explanations about why he couldn’t go home. So he was trapped and there were only a few weeks left until they had to go back home, where he’d be even more trapped. But Rose - if Rose went home with him that might be okay.

  • Although Rose was just about ready to move to a different area of the library, Dade sat down and pulled out his notebook. With a pointed sigh, Rose seated herself across from her brother. The skirt... more
    • So I did - Dade, Wed Jun 6 07:51
      • Shall I get myself out of it, then? - Rose, Wed Jun 6 07:56
        Suddenly, everything was clearer than it had been all year. Rose didn’t understand what was going on with Dade. She wasn’t sure Holland understood what was going on with Dade. The seventh-year was... more
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