Shall I get myself out of it, then?
Wed Jun 6, 2018 07:56

Suddenly, everything was clearer than it had been all year.

Rose didn’t understand what was going on with Dade. She wasn’t sure Holland understood what was going on with Dade. The seventh-year was pretty sure that Dade didn’t know what was going on with Dade. But for whatever reason, he thought that Connor knew. Rose could believe it, that Connor had seen something. She definitely hadn’t told him, but she herself had found out by walking in on Dade messing around in her stuff. It was believable that Connor had also walked in on Dade messing around in her stuff. Of course, that meant that Connor had been in her room, which mean that Rose needed to kill him, but that was a problem for later.

“You can stay with me,” the Aquila said. She had never planned on going back to her father’s house after she graduated. In fact, that was the entire reason she had gotten a job. She had been saving for years and years to move out. Rose hadn’t been saving all the money she had made since starting to work at Kimball’s in her third year, but she had saved a lot of it and definitely had enough money to comfortably afford an apartment. That wasn’t something she was worried about. But Dade needing to stay with her made a decision that Rose had been stressing over for a long time. Dade, with whatever was going on with him, needed to be near people who understood him. He needed to be safe. And from what Holland had said when she had mentioned to them that they were torn between Tift and Harvard - the American South was not a place that Dade should be. So Rose was going to go to Harvard, where she could keep her little brother with her for as long as he needed.

It was a huge relief. Rose wasn’t glad that Dade felt too scared to go back to their father’s house, but she was glad that she finally had a strong reason to pick one school over the other. It was sorted, and just in time - her decision was due via owl no later than next week. She would tell Holland and Emmett and send in her owl and then it would be done. Then she could focus on applying for scholarships and grants; even though it was Harvard, Rose was pretty sure she could get more money than the school itself had given her. After all, her grades were great.

“Yeah, come stay with me in Massachusetts,” Rose said firmly, not giving Dade much of a choice. “We can tell our father that you got an internship or something.” She paused. “Maybe you can actually get an internship or something. There’s loads of stuff going on up there, bunches more than at home.”

  • So I did - Dade, Wed Jun 6 07:51
    Consciously, Dade knew that Rose was trying to reassure him but her words made him feel cold and anxious. He found himself breathing more shallowly than he usually did, and he clenched his fists... more
    • Shall I get myself out of it, then? - Rose, Wed Jun 6 07:56
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