Dade Farnon
Let's make this complicated
Fri Jul 20, 2018 06:27

The problem was that Dade needed to learn more things without people knowing what he was learning. That meant other students (just in case), that meant professors (because they wouldn’t approve), and most of all that meant Claudia. Dade knew she was spying on him. He was pretty sure he was safe in his room with the door closed, but everywhere else he knew that there was the danger of Claudia knowing where he was and trying to attack him. Except he was pretty sure she’d be sneaky about it, so places like the Finer Diner when it was busy were probably safe. During the walk to the Diner in the corridor, though, Dade kept one hand on his wand and a sharp eye out. He had definitely pulled his wand on Kateri Lemont for bumping into him, and once on Heather Bartel because she made a really loud noise when he wasn’t expecting it, but so far it had kept him out of trouble.

In order to spend some time in the library, Dade had set up a series of spells on the corners of bookcases leading toward the back of the library, in between the shelves he was currently sitting by. Behind him, there was a small nook in between two large stacks that he knew he could hide in if necessary, and the spells (which reflected into a hand-mirror that he had sitting next to him) would warn him if anyone was coming so that he could hide, if necessary. Obviously Dade wished he had something like an invisibility cloak, but they were insanely rare and expensive, and Dade did not have spending money. Rose had suggested he get a job, but Dade knew that would just be one more place Claudia would know he would be and one more way she could ambush him.

He had a thin paperback out now, one that he had found wedged between some giant, creepy-looking books. It was handwritten rather than typed, with spiny, thin writing that was occasionally hard to read. It smelled like an old book but it looked new. The cover was red and shiny, the pages crisp (or as crisp as one could reasonably expect a school library book to be). It had no title and no index, but the page Dade was reading had some interesting things to say about aggressive defensive magic. It was interesting enough that he didn’t notice the mirror was glowing in warning until it was bright red, indicating that someone was just around the corner.

Snatching up the mirror, Dade shoved the book back on to a shelf at random and squeezed himself into the nook between the two stacks, all but holding his breath. His heart was beating fast, but he was too scared to look at the mirror and see who was coming towards him. Maybe they would leave. It wasn’t like he was down an aisle that had anything interesting for most people, anyway. Unless they were lost. What if they were lost? Or what if Claudia’s spies had told her where he was and she was coming to attack him, finally?

Dade slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out his wand, holding it close to his chest and waiting anxiously for the person who had just come into his aisle to go away.

    • Do we have to? - Remington Burnham, Thu Aug 2 22:11
      Remington’s sunflower patterned black flats clicked across the floor as the Draco made a beeline for the library. This was not an abnormal occurrence, but the speed at which she walked was more... more
      • Of course we do - Dade, Wed Aug 8 10:59
        From the nook where he was hiding, Dade saw a bow on top of dark hair. Remington - there was nobody else it could be. Nobody in the school wore bows like that except her. That didn’t make him feel... more
        • I was the one to initiate - Remington, Wed Aug 8 22:06
          The next spine Remington touched felt sticky, and she wrinkled her nose as she wiped the tips of her fingers against her jeans. Why was it sticky? Dusty was an expected sensation, perhaps even... more
          • Is that something to be proud of? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:01
            Dade did not hex Remington. It was very close. Remington had her wand out and the words were on the tip of Dade’s tongue when he realized that she was pointing the wand at the book she had clearly... more
            • We'll find out after this - Remington, Sat Aug 18 19:00
              Remington looked up from her book when she heard the greeting. She almost turned to look over her shoulder. Dade was saying hey. Dade was saying hey to her. Really? She couldn’t remember the last... more
              • Take this as a 'no' - Dade, Tue Aug 21 11:08
                When Remington sat down across from Dade, he relaxed a little bit. It was harder to get into a dueling situation when you were sitting down - it wasn’t impossible, just more difficult because at some ... more
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