Andrew Tennant
Have I got a story for you [Remington]
Mon Jul 23, 2018 13:37

It had been a really weird morning.

Drew hadn’t ended up doing the Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson at all. Retrospectively he should have figured out as soon as he sat down to talk to Dade that he wasn’t going to end up getting to do the lesson. Overall Drew felt like the conversation had been more important than reviewing the Disarming Charm when he already knew how to do the spell, but now he didn’t quite know where things stood with Dade and that was making him uncomfortable.

When the other Cetus had asked, Drew waved Aunt Cindra over and said Dade didn’t feel good and that he was going to take him to the medic. Then Drew got them both out the door before the professor could really say anything or object. A lot of the time, it was better to act like you already had permission to do things. It sort of tricked the people who were in charge into thinking they had already given you permission, or at least that it wasn’t worth taking the time to stop you because you had already started.

They hadn’t talked much on the way there, which wasn’t a surprise with Dade. After they got to the infirmary and Dade was with Medic Rock, Drew hung around nearby until the period ended. After Defense was Spellwork for the third year group, so Drew hadn’t even tried to convince Dade to go to that class, because it wasn’t required for him. Luckily he’d thought to take his (and Dade’s) books and stuff with him when they left Defense, so he didn’t have to double back to the Defense classroom before going to class. Drew was pretty sure that Aaron would look the other way if he was late on the first day, but he didn’t like to take advantage of that goodwill for something like tardiness. He needed to save that for if he had to punch a homophobe and/or racist again or something. And after Spellwork they’d had Magizoobotany, and Drew wasn’t sure whether or not Dade had shown up there because the class was so disorganized.

Finally it was dinnertime. He’d been looking forward to seeing Remington at dinner so he could tell her about Dade getting held back and selective things about the Claudia situation (obviously he couldn’t tell her everything, because you didn’t out people, but she needed to know about the spy thing, and about the letters). Only Remington wasn’t at dinner, and she didn’t show up by the time he’d finished his club sandwich.

If Remy wasn’t where you were expecting to find her, smart money was on the Draco being in the library. Lo and behold, when Drew arrived (waving hi to Ms. Marissa the librarian as he passed the circulation desk) he found Remy at a table, surrounded by textbooks so thick that you could probably use them as sandbags. Of course. First day back at school and she had already found a research project. Or—even more likely—she had a bunch of questions she’d been saving up all summer and wanted to find the answers to right away.

Drew slung himself into the chair opposite her. “Oh, Merlin, I’ve been looking all over for you. Not really, I came here as soon as dinner was over. Figured I would find you here.” He grinned at her predictability. “You would not believe what happened in Defense this morning.”

[OOC: Takes place the same day as the DADA and Spellwork lessons, all godmodding approved.]

    • Spit it out, Spit it out! - Remington Burnham, Thu Aug 2 21:52
      Several classes flew by after what seemed like the longest Spellwork class she’d ever taken. Somehow, her partnership with Claudia had been fortunate. The two girls, as far as Remington could tell,... more
      • You really want me to tell you? - Drew, Thu Aug 2 22:48
        “They were cleaning up when I left,” he said, making a sympathetic face, but also still grinning a little. Leave it to Remy to spend all of dinner in the library during their first night back. He... more
        • ...spit it out, spit it out! - Remington, Thu Aug 2 23:22
          She opened her mouth to tell Drew about the penseives and her experience with Claudia. She didn’t want to share everything, because the upperclasswoman clearly confided in her. If this had been... more
          • Don’t say I didn’t warn you - Drew, Fri Aug 3 00:18
            Drew was willing to say so when he was wrong, so he was perfectly comfortable admitting (to himself) that what had happened to Remington in Spellwork today was as big as what had happened to him in... more
            • You didn't warn me! - Remington, Tue Aug 7 19:52
              Getting Drew to believe the true things she said was so much easier than getting Dade to believe them. Even Claudia took a bit of work. Remington wished the others would just hear the logic and the... more
              • I tried to! - Drew, Tue Aug 7 23:03
                See, this was why you wanted to have someone like Remington in your group of friends. Out of everyone in self-defense club, Remington was the most reasonable and calm and normal. Drew needed another... more
                • I know you did - Remington, Sat Aug 18 17:39
                  Remington shrugged a little. Of course she took Drew’s word for it. All of her friends were a bit different, but of everyone available, Drew was the most likely to tell the relatively unbiased and... more
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