Well I'm not, thanks.
Sun Jan 22, 2017 13:44

Nalo gawked as the boy simply rolled his hat back over his eyes and waved him away.

Had he not been clear? He had thought he had asked rather politely in fact. He could feel himself getting flustered as he realized the boy had deliberately ignored him, his cheeks growing red and his heart racing in his ears.

Should he get the librarian? He took a step to leave before realizing it’d just make it a bigger ordeal than necessary. He didn’t need the sly stares or hidden whispers of “snitch.”

He thought about getting Tains. Despite her insistence on the contrary, Tains was far better than dealing with people than he was, even if all she did was smile weakly and nervously insist her point.

No, he’d had to peel her off her broomstick in order to get her to study for potions and he didn’t want to disturb her. Besides, he needed to deal with his own problem. He glanced at the boy still in his chair, clenched his fist and marched back up to him.

His anxiety was quickly morphing into anger. Who did this boy think he was? Upperclassman or not, there was a little thing called common courtesy. Use wingardium leviosa or something ... how ridiculous! Nalo crossed his arms and glared down at him.

“This is a library, not a spellcasting class,” Nalo snapped. Despite the nerves, irritation was biting clear in his words. “You are the one in the way, you are the one who needs to move. I’m not wasting a spell just so you can laze around and block an entire area from people who are actually trying to be productive.”

  • I'm comfortable here, thanks. - Armaan Bansal, Wed Jan 18 14:17
    The secret passageways were dark and surprisingly claustrophobic. Armaan had never felt uncomfortable roaming them, but he had the distinct feeling something was coming after him, and the tunnel was... more
    • Well I'm not, thanks. - Nalo, Sun Jan 22 13:44
      • Well that's too bad - Armaan, Fri Feb 3 18:42
        Armaan groaned as the kid started talking once more. All he wanted was to have a quick nap in the library. That was it. Why did that have to be so difficult? The sixth-year sighed the deepest of... more
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