I’ll use short words from now on
Thu Jul 26, 2018 07:13

Ugh, she was right, the nerd had taken her comment as an invitation for discussion and Gigi was so uninterested. Yes, it would help her right now to be able to send an e-mail, but she was just fine living with some minor communication barriers if the compensation was the ability to move heavy objects without breaking a sweat, change her appearance at will, maybe read people’s minds? All that cool stuff. Nerd needed to chill out and breathe in the potions fumes. Partly to rile him for kicks, and partly because it was true, Gigi grinned as she told him, “I like quills and owls.”

The face the nerd pulled suggested he didn’t pick up on her euphemism. Gigi suppressed a chuckle. A lot of the Muggle kids in her school back home wouldn’t have known what she was on about either. Karinder’s Dad was a doctor, and Liam’s older brother was - to be frank - filthy, plus there wasn’t much else to do in the village than watch various farm animals try to get it on. Maybe the nerd had a more sheltered home life.

Whatever, he did agree to spend some time with her, except from the way he simply adjusted his seat instead of leaving the ancient computer lab, he was planning on doing it right there. Fine. Gigi let her satchel slip off her shoulder and allowed it to land with a thump on the floor (Lady Godiva was not in the bag at that moment, but nestled in her cage back in Gigi’s dormitory, much to the annoyance of Vi). She grabbed the nearest chair with wheels, dragged it over and copied the nerd’s reverse seating position, the well-planned cycle shorts offering some modesty beneath the short skirt of her dress.

Ah, the cuter nerd was Elliot. He was still skinny but then her own limbs didn’t seem to get the memo that resembling bean poles was not their job. “I’m Gigi,” she returned. Her given name was too long, and too dull, and too grown up, and she didn’t mind having it, but she preferred using something shorter and more fun-sounding.

Elliot used super sleuth skills to figure out that Gigi had both magic and Muggle influences in her life, but his assumption about her parents was a swing and a miss. Also he used the word ‘halfblood’ which was … sort of vile. Georgina didn’t buy into the blood purity crap. Given the context, she was relatively sure Elliot was only using it to explain that he had one magical parent and one Muggle parent, so she didn’t argue for now, but if everyone was going to go on about blood then she was gonna have to make a scene. “Incorrect, Detective Elliot. Don’t give up the day job,” she smiled wryly. “Nah, my folks are a witch and wizard,” Gigi clarified. “I went to Muggle primary school - that’s like, ages four to eleven - in a Muggle area so yeah, all my friends are non-magic folk.”

  • Only on days that end in y - Elliot, Thu Jul 26 05:22
    Elliot was confused. He was pretty sure that he had complained about the lack of internet, and then his Housemate had said that not having the internet sucks, and Elliot had agreed with her , and... more
    • I’ll use short words from now on - Gigi, Thu Jul 26 07:13
      • My overworked brain thanks you - Elliot, Thu Jul 26 11:06
        Elliot shrugged. “So do I. Doesn’t mean they’re the best at what they’re for.” Again, wizards had the whole magical aesthetic thing down . They definitely went for form over function. Quills might be ... more
        • You are now indebted to me - Gigi, Sat Jul 28 16:01
          Gigi grinned. Maybe the nerd was only swearing so openly because she already had, but Elliot didn’t sound like the foul language spewing from his mouth was unpractised. Her own mother used swear... more
          • How can I repay you? - Elliot, Tue Jul 31 14:23
            Elliot nodded. It wasn’t hard to imagine spending that much time with his parents. His mother being nocturnal-ish meant that she was home during the day, so before Elliot had started school, it was... more
            • I'm saving it for a rainy day - Gigi, Tue Jul 31 15:11
              Aunt, right, that made sense. Same last name, lots of hugging. Georgina mentally filed away that tidbit for future reference. Tycho was now the sticky kid, and sorry, sweetheart, but there’s nothing... more
              • Guess I’ll just stay in the red - Elliot, Tue Jul 31 16:06
                Elliot could not keep the grin off his face as Gigi gaped at him. He always liked telling people what his parents did. The fact that his dad made video games for a living probably wouldn’t be as... more
                • Suits me - Gigi, Thu Aug 2 15:20
                  Peregrine . That was a sort of bird, right? Georgina was mentally storing and cataloguing much of what Elliot was telling her. He liked flying and video games, which his Dad literally played with for ... more
                  • But not me! - Elliot, Wed Aug 8 22:29
                    Gaming was the only time Elliot could stand to sit still for hours and hours and hours (besides sleeping, but even then, he didn’t sleep a lot, usually going to bed late and getting up early) Elliot... more
                    • Sucks to be you - Gigi, Tue Aug 14 08:31
                      Cool, the tech nerd wanted to play Seeker. Not strictly within the stereotype of sitting every day for hours in front of a screen, but as they had already established, that wasn’t really so much of... more
                      • Actually, it rocks - Elliot, Fri Aug 17 18:27
                        “I don’t think my parents would give a shit if I did magic at home,” as long as he didn’t use it in a bad way, “but I only got my wand a couple weeks before school started and we were super busy so I ... more
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