Satveer Mittal
Just Kitting around
Sun Jul 29, 2018 14:18

Elation flowed through Satveer’s veins. Katherine and he were going on a date. He was in a couple… or, was he? Satveer had asked her to go on a date, but did that mean they were a couple? Did they need to have been on the date to affirm the status of couple, or was just acceptance of the request for a date enough to satisfy the masses? Could they hold hands in the corridors? This was a point Satveer should possibly discuss with Katherine.

Satveer entered the library with the intention of finding a quiet place study. As excited as he was about the impending date, he felt that any extracurricular learning would set him in good stead for his STOATs (and out of his father's crosshairs). On their holiday, Satveer’s father had piled on the pressure for Satveer to do well this year. Satveer didn’t want to disappoint. He thought It would also be beneficial to not let his school work slip, just incase his parents found out about Katherine (always thinking ahead). Satveer didn’t imagine the news would go down too well, what with the religion and tradition. He knew he’d never hear the end of it.

As Satveer sauntered toward his favourite table, he noticed Drew. Of all the people Satveer was to bump into in the library, he was most fortunate to bump into him. Satveer had planned an awesome first date, and if anyone could give him some steer, it would be Drew. Drew knew Kit better than anyone! Of course he could say if Satveer was on to a winner.

Satveer quickly deviated from his path and approached Drew. Without even an introduction, Satveer just started talking at him. “Drew, I’m sorry to bother you. I was just wondering if I could get your input on this thing I’m sorting for Ki… Katherine. I’m taking her to Pearl Street on a date and I wanted to make it special, you know.” He nodded affirmingly before carrying on. “I know she is into 3D sculptures at the minute, and I thought it would be fun to craft a looping golem at the Wicca shop. It’d be cool, I’ve read how to do it, and we could get the assistant to help if needed. It’s like a looping animation but in 3D. We’d use clay but we could use other recycled bits to incorporate her love of recycled art.” Satveer caught his breath, excited at the prospect. “Then we’d get a meal or something.” Satveer paused looking at Drew for confirmation of his awesome plan. “Do you think she’d like that?”

    • You should take this seriously - Drew Tennant, Tue Jul 31 17:24
      Drew’s excitement about starting his third year—bolstered by his new Pearl Street access—had by now been fully tempered by two things. He could have predicted the first thing, which was the fact that ... more
      • It is a large pill to swallow! - Satveer Mittal, Thu Aug 2 07:08
        Satveer felt he had a placid and friendly character. He was a lot less shy than he used to be, but still, not the sort of person who regularly attracted threats against his well-being. Only once he’d ... more
        • Just have a glass of water - Drew, Thu Aug 2 16:53
          Satveer sounded genuine, although toward the end of his mini-monologue, he also sounded like he was sucking up to Drew, which the Cetus didn’t like so much. He didn’t care about how much Satveer was... more
          • Satveer had gotten Drew’s message loud and clear. Don’t upset Kit. Satveer liked Drew a lot but he really didn’t want to get on his bad side. Especially considering what he’d heard about Drew and... more
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