How can I repay you?
Tue Jul 31, 2018 14:23

Elliot nodded. It wasn’t hard to imagine spending that much time with his parents. His mother being nocturnal-ish meant that she was home during the day, so before Elliot had started school, it was just them most of the afternoon and then Dad was home at night when Mama went to work. Then the year before Elliot started kindergarten, Ari was born, and Dad switched to mostly working from home so he could be around. But Elliot could see how being taught by one of your parents—for school, not for fun things like how to do a barrel roll on his broom or how to snipe in Halo—would be way different from just hanging out with them.

“Mhmm, Cindra is her aunt,” Elliot said. Cindra was Sadie’s real sister-of-her-mom aunt, not a godmother or just-a-grownup-female-friend-of-the-family-so-we-say-aunt aunt. Sadie was totally mortified about her aunt hugging her during class, which of course just made it more hilarious. One time Sadie was late and Cindra interrupted herself to give her niece a hug and Elliot thought he was going to die from trying to keep all his laughter inside. He hadn’t died, although Sadie had given him a look like she wished he would.

“And yeah, ‘bouncy and sticky’ pretty much sums Tycho up. Never borrow a quill from him. Or any other, more convenient writing implement.” Maybe Tycho’s birth father was like, part streeler or something. It was the only way to explain how he was so prone to stickiness all the time. He could come out of a shower and still be sticky. There was a reason Elliot was glad about not being roommates with his best friend from elementary school. He would’ve had to draw a line right down the middle of the room to keep his side normal.

Like Gigi said, NYC was a place where you could get up to a lot of mischief, but Elliot was limited because his Dad said he wasn’t old enough to ride the subway on his own yet. Dad had grown up in NYC so Mama initially said he got to make the rule, even though she thought ten years old was old enough. When asked about when Elliot would be old enough, Dad had been all like, “nope, never, gotta wait til high school or college, yeah, college sounds good,” but then Mama had asked when Grandma and Grandpa first let him take the subway on his own, and the answer was thirteen. So now Elliot had to wait one year and nine months to take the subway alone.

Most of the places in the city he regularly wanted to go—Peregrine, Grandma and Grandpa’s house, Sadie and Tycho’s places—were on the Floo Network, so he didn’t need the subway to get around most of the time. Still, Elliot daydreamed about going downtown all by himself. The city had so many cool places. He really liked Times Square at night when it was all lit up and busy, even if it was a total tourist thing—they never went there because they were New Yorkers, like how Elliot had never been to the Statue of Liberty until the class field trip in fifth grade, because his family just didn’t do stuff like that—if he could go there, he would do it all the time.

Gigi looked like she was already judging him super hard, so instead of mentioning not being allowed on the subway alone, Elliot reached for the best thing about NYC for him. “Yeah, it’s awesome. My mom owns a mixed magic-Muggle nightclub, so we go there sometimes. Tycho’s mom works there, so he’s allowed, and sometimes Sadie comes too. It’s the best.”

  • You are now indebted to me - Gigi, Sat Jul 28 16:01
    Gigi grinned. Maybe the nerd was only swearing so openly because she already had, but Elliot didn’t sound like the foul language spewing from his mouth was unpractised. Her own mother used swear... more
    • How can I repay you? - Elliot, Tue Jul 31 14:23
      • I'm saving it for a rainy day - Gigi, Tue Jul 31 15:11
        Aunt, right, that made sense. Same last name, lots of hugging. Georgina mentally filed away that tidbit for future reference. Tycho was now the sticky kid, and sorry, sweetheart, but there’s nothing... more
        • Guess I’ll just stay in the red - Elliot, Tue Jul 31 16:06
          Elliot could not keep the grin off his face as Gigi gaped at him. He always liked telling people what his parents did. The fact that his dad made video games for a living probably wouldn’t be as... more
          • Suits me - Gigi, Thu Aug 2 15:20
            Peregrine . That was a sort of bird, right? Georgina was mentally storing and cataloguing much of what Elliot was telling her. He liked flying and video games, which his Dad literally played with for ... more
            • But not me! - Elliot, Wed Aug 8 22:29
              Gaming was the only time Elliot could stand to sit still for hours and hours and hours (besides sleeping, but even then, he didn’t sleep a lot, usually going to bed late and getting up early) Elliot... more
              • Sucks to be you - Gigi, Tue Aug 14 08:31
                Cool, the tech nerd wanted to play Seeker. Not strictly within the stereotype of sitting every day for hours in front of a screen, but as they had already established, that wasn’t really so much of... more
                • Actually, it rocks - Elliot, Fri Aug 17 18:27
                  “I don’t think my parents would give a shit if I did magic at home,” as long as he didn’t use it in a bad way, “but I only got my wand a couple weeks before school started and we were super busy so I ... more
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