I'm saving it for a rainy day
Tue Jul 31, 2018 15:11

Aunt, right, that made sense. Same last name, lots of hugging. Georgina mentally filed away that tidbit for future reference. Tycho was now the sticky kid, and sorry, sweetheart, but there’s nothing to be done about that. Die has been cast. Elliot was still kind of nerdy, but providing intel on their yearmates and being from New York were things that made him tolerable. Also he clearly didn’t mind her swearing, which was a mark in his favour. He had been pretty quick to give her potential ammunition about his friends, though, so maybe he just wasn’t all that bright, or was too trusting, or had zero loyalty.

Elliot declared NYC to be awesome, which was really all Gigi had expecting to hear. But wait, his who owned a what now? Gigi hadn’t even been to the outside of a nightclub, let alone inside one. There literally wasn’t one within probably a decent twenty mile radius of her home (not that she’d checked, because hello, she was eleven, but that sounded about right) but Elliot had been inside his seriously cool mom’s nightclub? And so had Tycho? And so had Sadie? Right then, decision made: these were the cool kids, hands down. The tech nerd, the teacher’s pet, and the sticky kid. This was her crowd, for sure. Only ugh, they already were a friendship trio. Plus actually Gigi liked Vivica, with her dark clothes and her rainbow hair bow and her limbo-ing self confidence. Plus Vi was her roommate, so Gigi was making a special effort to like her, because wouldn’t that make life so much easier?

After staring open-mouthed at Elliot for a full three seconds, Gigi recovered enough to shake her head, exclaiming, “That’s some bullshit right there. I have literally never wanted to be anyone else’s child so much in my life, and believe me, I wish that a lot.” She grinned to show she was mostly kidding. Her folks were fine. Batshit crazy, but decent people, and life was never dull at home. She laughed as she added, “So back home my hobbies are stealing the eggs from Mrs Pierce’s coop so she thinks her chickens have stopped laying, and daring Luke Timmins to jump over the creek from up the chestnut tree.” He did it twice, but the first time he slipped and landed in a patch of nettles so thick it made his pretty face swell up and distort like a redstreak with apple scab, so he did it again weeks later to prove he could stick the landing. “Meanwhile my glamourous American counterparts are partying in a New York night club.” She sighed.

“So what, they don’t have a decent magic school back there?” Georgina asked suddenly, as it registered that Elliot, Sadie and Tycho had all come from the East Coast to school in Colorado. She figured the International students had good cause to be there - the clue was in the title - but the school wasn’t that good, so far as she knew. Why would three New Yorkers all mosey on over together? Of course Elliot could tell her it was none of her business, which is probably what Gigi would reply if he turned the question back on her, but hey, there was no harm in asking. Didn’t seem like the two Aquilas had all that much in common, so topics for conversation were likely to run dry rather soon, anyway. Might as well ask personal questions.

  • How can I repay you? - Elliot, Tue Jul 31 14:23
    Elliot nodded. It wasn’t hard to imagine spending that much time with his parents. His mother being nocturnal-ish meant that she was home during the day, so before Elliot had started school, it was... more
    • I'm saving it for a rainy day - Gigi, Tue Jul 31 15:11
      • Guess I’ll just stay in the red - Elliot, Tue Jul 31 16:06
        Elliot could not keep the grin off his face as Gigi gaped at him. He always liked telling people what his parents did. The fact that his dad made video games for a living probably wouldn’t be as... more
        • Suits me - Gigi, Thu Aug 2 15:20
          Peregrine . That was a sort of bird, right? Georgina was mentally storing and cataloguing much of what Elliot was telling her. He liked flying and video games, which his Dad literally played with for ... more
          • But not me! - Elliot, Wed Aug 8 22:29
            Gaming was the only time Elliot could stand to sit still for hours and hours and hours (besides sleeping, but even then, he didn’t sleep a lot, usually going to bed late and getting up early) Elliot... more
            • Sucks to be you - Gigi, Tue Aug 14 08:31
              Cool, the tech nerd wanted to play Seeker. Not strictly within the stereotype of sitting every day for hours in front of a screen, but as they had already established, that wasn’t really so much of... more
              • Actually, it rocks - Elliot, Fri Aug 17 18:27
                “I don’t think my parents would give a shit if I did magic at home,” as long as he didn’t use it in a bad way, “but I only got my wand a couple weeks before school started and we were super busy so I ... more
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