Are you saying the French can't explore the galaxy?
Wed Jan 25, 2017 08:44

As Remington read, Dade peered over her shoulder, following along. He snorted when they came to the incantation. Locomotor wibbly? What? The eleven year old had never seen something that stupid in his life, and he’d spent a fair amount of time reading about old spells and stuff in his father’s library. When Connor wasn’t busy distracting him, Dade tended to read a lot. Which was funny, because Connor also read a lot. He just also found time to annoy Dade with his ‘we should do this’ and ‘that is polite’ and ‘be nice to our stepsister’.

“I think so too,” Dade responded to Remington’s comment about the incantation, then frowned as she described the jinx. It looked like she could read faster than he could.

“I don’t know,” was the response Dade could come up with about whether or not he wanted to go with that jinx. “Do you think that’s bad enough? I really want to make sure they don’t bother me anymore.” His roommates weren’t bullying him or anything like that, they were just making it hard for Dade to do things he wanted to do. Admittedly, what Dade wanted to do was to be alone, so it probably wasn’t actually their fault. Which Dade didn’t care about. They were still irritating and he still wanted them to stop.

“Maybe there’s one that’s like...teeth wibbly or something? Maybe it’s just not in the book,” Dad suggested hopefully. “It could be in a different book. Or we could just try it.” His brown eyes scanned the shelves around them for something different that might be helpful. There was one book that caught his interest - it was a crimson-brown, with no title on the spine. That was promising. The magic books without the titles were usually the ones with the best things in them, or at least, that had been Dade’s experience. He reached up for the book, ending up sliding it off the shelf on his tiptoes. The spine was stiff as he opened it and the pages inside were stained a dark tan, as though it were very old.

There was no title and no table of contents.

“I bet this is a good one,” he said to Remington, excited.

  • There are French people in Galaxy Quest?? - Remington, Fri Jan 20 19:08
    Dade seemed like a much more normal name than Remington. The first year didn’t mind her name too much. Sometimes she felt it was perfect for her; sometimes, it felt like it was too much. She rarely... more
    • Are you saying the French can't explore the galaxy? - Dade, Wed Jan 25 08:44
      • I have nothing against the French. - Remington, Sun Jan 29 10:27
        Remington held back another snicker, still stuck on the silly incantation. From what she could tell, Dade didn’t want to hurt him roommates. He wanted to intimidate them. It was like how cats would... more
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